112 Candidates Murdered—So Far—in Mexican “Election” Campaign (Video)

The number of candidates assassinated in the run up to the July 1 general election in Mexico has reached 112—a chilling portend of the sort of Third World chaos which will envelop... Read more »

Indian Tribe Covers Up Drug Running Operation by Telling US Troops: “We Don’t Want White Man on Our Land”

The Tohono O’odham Nation Indian reservation, located along one of the most heavily-used invasion routes into America from Mexico, has banned US National Guard troops from entering the region, telling officers that... Read more »

Mexico: 7,667 Murders in Just Three Months

Mexico registered 7,667 murders during the first three months of 2018, as violence continues to spiral out of control, with one of the latest incident being a brazen attack on a tourist... Read more »

Mexico’s Murderous Election Sees 82 Killed—So Far

“Democracy” as it is practiced in the Third World (and soon coming to white nations if the nonwhite invasion is not halted) is a murderous affair, as evidenced by the fact that... Read more »

Mexico-California Tunnels Reopened

Many of the tunnels dug by drug cartels and people smugglers underneath the U.S.–Mexican border prior to 2007, and supposedly sealed to prevent reuse, have been brought back into service and are... Read more »

No More “Fun in Acapulco”

The former international tourist holiday hotspot of Acapulco in Mexico has collapsed into a drug-gangster and crime-ridden Third World hellhole—and is now one of the most dangerous cities in the world. Only a... Read more »