Leftist Fanatics Launch New Attempt to Completely Ethnically Cleanse New York City of Whites

The leftist fanatics who run New York City have launched a new attempt to finally drive out what remains of the metropolis’s white population with a plan to building “low income housing”... Read more »

Graphic Depiction of How Whites were Ethnically Cleansed from Chicago

White people have been ethnically cleansed from the city of Chicago—a fact evidenced by the 2010 US Census, which revealed that the “white non-Hispanic” population stood at only 31 percent in 2009.... Read more »

America’s Cities Face Third World Crime Apocalypse as Whites Driven Out

A recent study which listed the ten most dangerous cities in America failed to include racial demographics, which, when factored in, show that the largest U.S. cities are facing a Third World... Read more »