Turkey: “We’ll Open Border Gates”

Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan has announced that he will reopen the “border gates” for Third World invaders to head for Europe following this week’s European Union Parliament’s vote to halt all talks... Read more »

EU Gives Cash to Invaders in Turkey

Taxpayers in the European Union (EU) have been forced to start paying monthly cash grants to invaders in Turkey who claim to be Syrians to the tune of at least €348 million,... Read more »

Only 505 Invaders Returned to Turkey

Only 505 nonwhite invaders have been returned to Turkey since the “EU deal” was signed in March this year—and of that number, only five have actually had their asylum claims rejected. At... Read more »

Bulgaria Refuses to Take Invaders Back

Bulgarian Prime Minister Boyko Borissov has announced that his country will not take any invaders back from Western Europe without a guarantee that they will be sent on to Turkey. Borissov added... Read more »

“EU-Turkey Deal” Hoax Exposed

Only some 468 invaders have been repatriated from Greece back to Turkey this year in terms of the much-hyped “EU-Turkey” deal, showing it to have been yet another propaganda hoax. During the... Read more »

Turkey Issues Ultimatum to EU

Turkey has announced that unless the European Union announces a “firm date” by which its nationals will have visa-free access to Europe, the March 2016 “refugee” agreement will be revoked—which means that... Read more »

“3 Million” Invaders Wait in Turkey

There are a further three million “refugees” right now in Turkey aiming to move to Europe, EU Commissioner for migration Dimitris Avramopoulos said on Monday. Another 500,000 “refugees” are standing by in North... Read more »

Erdogan Openly Blackmails Merkel

If emergency talks between the European Union and Turkey do not result in visa-free admission for Turks to the EU, Turkey will withdraw from the “migrant readmission agreement.” This barely-concealed blackmail attempt... Read more »

Europe: Airborne Invasion Starts

The first two airplanes with fake “refugees,” flown directly into Germany from Turkey in terms of the European Union “asylum deal,” arrived this morning in Hannover. The two aircraft, paid for by EU... Read more »

Invader Violence as Deportation Dawns

Thousands of nonwhite invaders trapped in Greece have resorted to mass violence as their imminent deportation back to Turkey draws ever close—confirming earlier predictions that there would be violence no matter how... Read more »

EU-Turkey Deal: “Refugee” Lie

The Angela Merkel-EU “deal” with Turkey to take back “refugees” landing in Greece has inadvertently exposed the lie behind the nonwhite invasion—because it means that Turkey is a “safe” country and there... Read more »

Czechs Reject Turkey “Deal”

The Czech parliament this week rejected the European Union’s “deal” with Turkey—and has refused to take part in the EU’s planned “redistribution” of nonwhite invaders throughout Europe. In addition, the Chamber of... Read more »

Turk Blackmail “Deal” with EU

The Turkish government has started to halt the flood of invaders sailing to the Greek islands in terms of its “deal” with the European Union—proving that they could have done it all... Read more »