EU Abandons “Compulsory Migrant Redistribution Plan” as Italy Moves to Expel Invaders

In a dramatic development in the ongoing mass nonwhite invasion of Europe, the European Union has announced that it has abandoned its policy of “compulsory redistributing migrants” from Italy and Greece—just as... Read more »

EU Parliament Bans Single-Use Plastics by 2021

The European Parliament this week passed a law banning single-use plastics—such as straws, cotton buds, balloons and many sorts of beverage containers—by 2021, and obliged plastic bottle manufacturers to recycle 90 percent... Read more »

EU Starts to Panic at Rate of Chinese Acquisitions

The European Union is busy drafting a law which aims to stop Chinese companies from buying up European firms and technology, deputy German Finance Minister Matthias Machnig has announced. As reported by... Read more »

Poland: No 3rd World “Asylum Seekers”

Poland will definitely not be taking in any fake “asylum seekers” from Africa or the Middle East, but will continue to offer shelter to neighboring Ukrainians who are fleeing conflict in that... Read more »

EU to Ship 10,000 from Libya to Europe

At least 10,000 Africans pretending to be refugees will get a free ride across the Mediterranean straight to Europe courtesy of the European Union in the next few months, the Italian government... Read more »

Poland: EU Faces Biggest Test Since Brexit

The announcement by the European Commission—the European Union’s executive—that it has launched proceedings against Poland for breaching European common values and rule of law under Article 7(1) of the Treaty on European... Read more »

Turkey Issues Ultimatum to EU

Turkey has announced that unless the European Union announces a “firm date” by which its nationals will have visa-free access to Europe, the March 2016 “refugee” agreement will be revoked—which means that... Read more »

Brexit Contagion: Germany Fears 5 More “Leaves”

The German government has admitted in a secret briefing paper leaked to Die Welt newspaper that another five countries—France, Austria, Finland, the Netherlands, and Hungary—might follow Britain’s example and leave the European... Read more »

Brexit: Real Change or Titanic Deck Chairs?

Today's knife-edge vote on British membership of the European Union is, if the controlled "out" tabloids are to be believed, all about "saving Britain." But is this really going to happen? Will... Read more »

Crisis in Europe as Unemployment Tops 19.3 Million

The European Union has betrayed Europeans, sold out to mass immigration and is in a crisis akin to a “coma” as unemployment topped a record 19.3 million in May, Austrian Freedom Party... Read more »