Brexit is Irrelevant to Britain’s Future

The June 23 vote on British membership of the European Union is meaningless to the UK’s future—because longstanding immigration policies will have plunged Britain into minority white and Third World status by... Read more »

Turk Blackmail “Deal” with EU

The Turkish government has started to halt the flood of invaders sailing to the Greek islands in terms of its “deal” with the European Union—proving that they could have done it all... Read more »

EU to Lift Sanctions against Belarus

The European Union will lift nearly all of its sanctions against Belarus, saying Minsk has managed to “improve its human rights record.” The EU said in a statement on Thursday that it... Read more »

Turkey Threatens Europe with New Invasion

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has threatened to send millions of “refugees” to Europe unless the Europeans pay him billions of euros—and stop the Russians bombing terrorists in Syria. Erdogan said that he... Read more »

EU: More Invaders in 11 Months than 5 Years

Between January and November 26, 2015 nearly 1.5 million “illegal border crossings” were registered by the European Union (EU) states—more than all those who entered in the previous five years added together,... Read more »

Slovakia Files Suit at the European Court

In yet another severe blow to European Union unity, the government of Slovakia today made good on its promise to file a lawsuit against that organization’s leaders—saying that its demand that nonwhite... Read more »

EU Hypocrisy: Turkey “Refugee Deal”

The European Union’s “refugee deal” with Turkey is a staggering display of political hypocrisy and will boost, not slow, the nonwhite invasion of Europe, an analysis of its various components reveals. The... Read more »

Homos, Nonwhites, Big EU AIDS Threat

Homosexuals and nonwhites remain the biggest spreaders of AIDs in the European Union, and were together responsible for 66 percent of all new infections during 2014, says a new report issued by... Read more »

Poland: No Invaders, No EU Flag

The new Polish government has refused to accept any nonwhite invaders at all, as demanded by the European Union’s “quota dispersal” rule—and has also taken down all EU flags at its press... Read more »

Russian Jet: West Defends Terrorist State Turkey

US and European leaders have rushed to support Turkey in the wake of the downing of a Russian jet—hypocritically ignoring the fact that the Turkish state is, in terms of the US... Read more »

Slovakia: Fighting the Invasion

The Slovakian government will submit its lawsuit against the European Union (EU) over the nonwhite invasion on December 18, even though it is under imminent threat of sanctions after refusing to take... Read more »