Trump Court Carry-On Based on Obama Precedent

The court order halting U.S. President Donald Trump’s “travel ban” is based—ironically—on an identical court order against an Executive Order issued by former President Barack Obama granting protection to children of illegal... Read more »

“Legal Challenge” to Trump’s Executive Order a Hoax

The much-vaunted “legal challenge” to U.S. President Donald Trump’s Executive Order halting immigration from seven Muslim nations is a hoax and the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) is continuing to enforce the... Read more »

ABC News: Trump “Will Deport 11 Million”

ABC News—one of the U.S.’s largest media corporations—has announced that President Donald Trump’s recent Executive Order on expelling illegal criminal invaders means that an estimated 11 million illegal immigrants can be expelled—because... Read more »

America’s “Sanctuary Cities” to Lose Billions

Washington D.C.—America’s capital city—will lose at least 25 percent of its entire budget in in terms of President Donald Trump’s new Executive Order barring federal funds to cities which protect illegal invaders. Read more »