6.2 Million Nonwhites Have Demanded “Asylum” in Europe since January 2011

At least 6.2 million nonwhites pretending to be “refugees” have demanded that whites in Europe give them “asylum” since January 2011, a review of official statistics issued by the European Asylum Support... Read more »

Hungary’s Top Diplomat: Illegal Immigration “Threatens European Civilization”

Illegal immigration is a threat to Europe’s future, its culture and civilization, Budapest's top diplomat and trade minister, Péter Szijjártó has told the Voice of America news service. Read more »

Major Brussels Bus Station Closed after Nonwhite Invaders Cause Scabies, TB, and Malaria Outbreak

Buses will no longer stop at the Brussels North bus station, located just a few blocks away from the European Parliament, after nonwhite invaders—who have camped out illegally at the site—have caused... Read more »

VIDEO—Blackpool, UK, Demonstrates Reality of “Great Replacement” White Genocide

A new video—taken on St George’s Day, April 24, 2019, England’s national day—of the beachfront of the iconic traditional British working class beachfront resort of Blackpool, on the Lancashire coast in North... Read more »

56,976 Nonwhites Invade Europe in February 2019, Pretending to be “Refugees”

At least 56,976 nonwhites successfully invaded Europe during the 28 days of February 2019, all falsely claiming to be “refugees” despite none of them coming from a war zone, and crossing numerous... Read more »

Third World Free-For-All Invasion of US: 100,000 “Border Enforcement Actions” in March

US Border Patrol agents have carried out more than 100,000 “border enforcement actions” in March 2019 alone, reflecting the vast nature of the Third World free-for-all invasion of America over the border... Read more »

France: Buildings in Marseille Literally Collapsing as a Result of Nonwhite Invasion

France’s third largest city, Marseille, is literally collapsing under the burden of the nonwhite invasion, with at least three buildings in the city center collapsing within the past six months due to... Read more »

“The Great Replacement” Means the Extermination of the White Race through Mass Immigration

The phrase “Great Replacement”—in the news following its use by New Zealand mosque shooter Brenton Tarrant—means exactly that: the extermination of the white race in its historic homelands through mass Third World... Read more »

“The New Germans”: AfD Forms “Immigrant Supporters’ Group”

The Alternative für Deutschland (Alternative for Germany, AfD) party in Germany has formed a “Die Neudeutschen" (The New Germans) group comprised of immigrants and homosexuals which they say will “combat their xenophobic... Read more »

Fake Refugee Nonwhite Invasion of Europe tops 7 Million since 2006

Over seven million nonwhite invaders pretending to be refugees landed in Europe between 2006 and 2018—equivalent to a country the size of Bulgaria moving to western Europe, figures from the European Union’s... Read more »

Europeans Made up 9% of Immigrants to US in 2016

Europeans made up only nine percent—or 165,000—of all the 1.75 million legal and illegal immigrants who entered the US in 2016, while 38 percent came from Latin America, 34 percent came from... Read more »

Netherlands 25 percent Nonwhite, Will Become Majority Third World within 1 Generation

The recent arrest of a further seven legally-resident nonwhites for terrorism in the Netherlands has highlighted the fact that, thanks to pro-mass Third World immigration policies, at least 25 percent—and most likely... Read more »

Third World Invasion of America: 13.7% of Population Born in Latin America, Asia and Africa

A report by the Center for Immigration Studies which analyzed new data from the US Census Bureau’s “2017 American Community Survey” (ACS) has showed that the nation’s immigrant population (legal and illegal) has... Read more »

Swedish Elections: 10% Nonwhite Voters Swung Election to Far Left

At least ten percent of all votes cast in the recent Swedish election came from nonwhites—and without this bloc vote, the far left Social Democrats would have polled the same number of... Read more »

Trump’s DACA Amnesty Will Mean Instant Nonwhite Majority of Under-18s

US President Donald Trump’s campaign-promise breaking offer to give amnesty to “double” the number of “Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals” (DACA) illegal aliens will instantly flip the number of US citizens under... Read more »

5,138,383 Third World Invaders—More than Norway’s Population—Landed in Europe 2011–2017

A total of 5,138,383 nonwhites pretending to be “refugees” have invaded Europe from 2011 to 2017—a number greater than the entire 2018 population of Norway, latest figures from the European Unions’ European... Read more »

Germany: 95% of “Refugees” Not Working

More than 95 percent of all the Third World invaders claiming to be refugees in Germany remain unemployed and drawing welfare, while most of those who are employed are in state-subsidized “apprenticeships”... Read more »

181,543 Invaders Land in Europe

A total of 181,543 nonwhites pretending to be refugees have invaded Europe during the period January to December 20, 2017,  and over 60,000 applied for "asylum" in October alone, according to new... Read more »

4,672,678 Fake Refugees Invade Europe

At least 597,243 nonwhites falsely claiming to be “refugees” have landed in Europe during the first ten months of 2017, bringing the total number of fake asylum seekers in Europe since January... Read more »

US: Whites Cleansed from Schools

White Americans are being ethnically cleansed from entire regions of the country’s public school system, with one out of four students coming from Third World immigrant households in 2015—up from 11 percent... Read more »

Present-Day African Immigration to America at All Time High

There were at least 2.1 million African-born immigrants living in the United States in 2015—compared to the 366,961 who were brought to North America during the entire transatlantic slave trade era—and African-born... Read more »

Another German City Tipping Majority Muslim

The western German city of Bad Godesburg—located on the Rhine River—is now so overrun with Muslims that local schools are trying to implement “anti-radicalization” policies to stop their students from supporting ISIS-aligned... Read more »

Merkel Flying in 1,000 Invaders Per Month

The Angela Merkel regime will start flying 1,000 nonwhite invaders every month into Germany as of November via specially chartered flights from Italy and Greece, it has been revealed. The invaders are... Read more »

White British: Minority within 50 Years

Mass nonwhite immigration, explosive immigrant birth rates, and declining white reproduction will have ethnically cleansed white people in Britain into minority status within the next 50 years, new statistics have confirmed. A... Read more »

Canada: Immigration and Unemployment

Even though there are 1.3 million unemployed people in Canada, that country’s government has announced that it seeks a further 300,000 “immigrants” into the country next year. Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Minister... Read more »

America: The Invasion in Numbers

There are currently over 42 million legal and illegal “immigrants” in America. They make up 23 percent of school kids, 30 percent of “families in poverty,” 33 percent of those without health... Read more »