There were at least 2.1 million African-born immigrants living in the United States in 2015—compared to the 366,961 who were brought to North America during the entire transatlantic slave trade era—and African-born immigrants are currently doubling every decade.

The Korean embassy in Paris has issued an official warning to its nationals to stay away from the suburb of St. Denis after a busload of Korean nationals were attacked, robbed, and assaulted by an African/Arab mob, while five large areas of France’s capital city have been turned into “no-go zones” by the ongoing nonwhite violence in France.

Contrary to German government claims that “refugees” will go home once there is “peace in their countries,” new statistics show that only one out of every 1,000 invaders granted “asylum”…

At least 1.17 million Third World invaders pretending to be refugees—a population twice the size of Luxembourg—invaded Germany in 2015 and 2016, official figures released by the government have revealed.

The western German city of Bad Godesburg—located on the Rhine River—is now so overrun with Muslims that local schools are trying to implement “anti-radicalization” policies to stop their students from supporting ISIS-aligned ideologies. The efforts are, of course, hopeless, as proven by their total failure elsewhere in Europe, but race-denying liberals refuse to face this reality.

The Angela Merkel regime will start flying 1,000 nonwhite invaders every month into Germany as of November via specially chartered flights from Italy and Greece, it has been revealed. The invaders are part of the European Union “deal” to redistribute the invaders who landed in the southern European nations out among EU member states.

Mass nonwhite immigration, explosive immigrant birth rates, and declining white reproduction will have ethnically cleansed white people in Britain into minority status within the next 50 years, new statistics have confirmed. A new report has revealed that white populations in towns and cities are dwindling at record levels and in many cases have halved over the past ten years alone.

Even though there are 1.3 million unemployed people in Canada, that country’s government has announced that it seeks a further 300,000 “immigrants” into the country next year. Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Minister John McCallum told reporters that the new number “lays the foundation for future growth in immigration targets.”

There are currently over 42 million legal and illegal “immigrants” in America. They make up 23 percent of school kids, 30 percent of “families in poverty,” 33 percent of those without health insurance, have almost no education, and the largest percentage immigration increase is from Muslim nations.

The ongoing Third World invasion of Britain will cause the “th” sound to vanish completely from the English language in London by the year 2066, linguistic experts have claimed. There are so many Third Worlders in Britain’s capital who struggle to pronounce interdental consonants—the technical term for the “th” sound—that it will be replaced by a “f,” “d,” or “v” sound.

The mass Third World invasion of Sweden has created at least 55 “no-go” zones for whites and police, that country’s official public broadcaster has announced. Quoting a serving Swedish policeman, the Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation (NRK) also revealed that nonwhite invader attacks on the police cause at least three resignations per day from that force.

At least 4,000 Africans chanting “black lives matter” and other anti-white racial epithets rioted in London’s famous Hyde Park last night. Several blacks were stabbed, at least five police officers were injured, and a supermarket was ransacked. The Africans were only halted by police action in the early hours of Wednesday morning.

At least 1.8 million nonwhite invaders pretending to be asylum seekers have entered Germany since 2014—and are still currently there, irrespective of whether their applications have been approved or not.
Germany is now second in the list of countries worldwide to take in “asylum seekers,” according to statistics released by the United Nations.

The German government granted “asylum” to 142,481 invaders during the first five months of 2016—and when the nonwhites get “family reunification” rights, their numbers will quintuple to at least 750,000.
At this rate, Germany will add another 1.5 million nonwhites to its population this year—a rate which will guarantee that that nation slips into majority Third World status well within the next 15 or 20 years.

Two Cleveland, Mississippi, schools which are only 40 percent white have been ordered to forcibly mix with neighboring 99 percent black schools—because the US Department of Justice still thinks they are too white.
A judge ruled that the town must merge its two high and middle schools to provide the “constitutionally guaranteed right of an integrated education.”

London’s world-famous cockneys—once an iconic symbol of Britain—have been exterminated by the flood of nonwhite immigration into the UK, a new documentary by the BBC has admitted.
The documentary, titled Last Whites of the East End, will be broadcast by the BBC on May 24—and will show that the traditional cockney East London home now “looks like Baghdad.”

There are so many Israeli-born Jews in London that newly-elected Muslim mayor Sadiq Khan’s campaign materials were printed in Hebrew, it has emerged.
The revelation demonstrates once again how Britain’s capital has been completely overrun by nonwhite invaders, as even “British” Jews would not require Hebrew-language literature.

New research which shows that there are 55 million Latinos in the US has highlighted the fact that legal immigration remains the single greatest threat to America’s future as a First World nation. According to the latest “Statistical Portrait of Hispanics in the United States” issued by the Pew Research Center, the Hispanic population has tripled since 1980, and one-third of them are under 18.

Mass Third World immigration to Germany will “soon” cause the three German cities of Augsburg, Stuttgart, and Frankfurt to tip into majority nonwhite status, one of that country’s most prominent demographers has announced. Speaking in an interview in the Augsburger Allgemeine newspaper, “integration expert” Jens Schneider said that Augsburg will be one of the “first major German cities where people with a migration background will form the majority population.”