Tunisians Refuse Fake “Rescue Ship,” Want to Invade Italy Alone

A group of eleven Tunisians spotted crossing the Mediterranean Sea in a speed boat refused to be “rescued” by a fake charity ship, instead demanding to be left alone to invade Italy... Read more »

Hungarian Government to Outlaw Settling an “Alien Population” in that Country

The Hungarian government has introduced a constitutional amendment to its parliament which will make it constitutionally illegal to settle any “alien population” in that country—and which will make it a jailable offense... Read more »

49,775 Fake Refugees Invader Canada in 2017

At least 49,775 nonwhites pretending to be “refugees” invaded Canada in 2017—including 20,593 whose applications for “asylum” are so weak that they knew they would never qualify in the US—who crossed the... Read more »

Ireland: Muslim “Asylum Seeker” Stabbing Attack

Mohamed Morei (18), an Egyptian invader in Ireland pretending to be an “asylum seeker” will appear in court at Dublin court on Thursday January 11, charged with murder after carrying out a... Read more »

Croatia Builds Border Fence as Invasion Steps Up

The Croatian government is building a fence along a part of its border with Serbia to stop nonwhite invaders still trying to reach Western Europe, local media have reported. The fence was... Read more »