Italy: Supreme Court Rules that Fake Charity “Rescue” Ship Must Remain Impounded

The Italian Supreme Court has ruled that that the pro-invasion fake charity invader-“rescue” ship, the Iuventa—seized last year for criminal collusion with people smugglers in Libya must remain impounded pending charges to... Read more »

Spanish Illegal Invader Smuggler Ship Proactive “Open Arms” Seized in Italy

Yet another fake “charity” pro-invasion ship—which had just smuggled 216 Africans into Europe from the Libyan coast—has been seized by the Italian authorities and three of is senior crew members have been... Read more »

Invasion Down 70% as “Charity Rescue” Scam Halted

There has been a 70 percent decline in the number of African invaders crossing the Mediterranean to land in Italy since the fake “charities” were stopped from taking part in their criminal... Read more »