German Govt. Ignored Invaders’ Fake Passports

The German government ignored the fact that thousands of nonwhite invaders pretending to be refugees used fake passports to gain entry to the country, refused to prosecute them, and still gave them... Read more »

Invaders Use Fake Japanese Passports

Nonwhite invaders pretending to be refugees have been arrested in Crete’s trying to board flights to the Continent while carrying forged documents—including fake Japanese passports. The invaders were also carrying forged Hungarian... Read more »

Europe’s Invader Passport Nightmare

Fake passports—for use by ISIS terrorists in Europe—have been discovered in “refugee” camps in Greece, just as news broke that thefts of British passports in Europe have doubled. The two phenomena—which are... Read more »

Only 10% Invaders in Germany Identified

Only 10 percent of all the nonwhite invaders who have entered Germany have been identified and registered by the police—meaning that well over 1.3 million are completely unknown, official figures have revealed.... Read more »

Legal “Immigrants” & Fake Passports

Nonwhite “immigrants” who are legally resident in Europe are behind the mass manufacture of fake passports and other documents, and use a network of contacts which include people living inside ISIS-occupied Syria,... Read more »