Feminists Bang Kitchen Pots and Pans to Mark “International Women’s’ Day”

Feminists took to the streets of Madrid at midnight to mark the start of “International Women’s Day”—by banging kitchen pots and pans in a display filled with irony which was clearly lost... Read more »

Lesbian Crackpots Attack “Transgender” Crazies at London Homo March

Lesbian feminist crackpots provided great entertainment this past weekend when they dominated the annual London homo march by protesting against “transgender” crazies—who, the lesbians said, are just men pretending to be women... Read more »

Trannies Now Angry with “Women’s March”

The “progressive” women’s movement behind the recent “women’s marches” has been thrown into a self-inflicted conundrum after being accused of “isolating the transgender community” by placing emphasis on having a vagina as... Read more »

85% of Women Fail US Marine Entrance

Six out of seven female recruits to the US Marine Corps fail the physical entrance test, as opposed to just 3 percent of men, new figures have revealed. The high failure rate underscores... Read more »

Women-haters of the Alt-Right

Voting patterns in the recent Austrian presidential elections which showed that 60 percent of women voted for the communist-Green candidate has once again inflamed the women-haters of the alt-right movement. This anti-female... Read more »

Sex Attacks: Feminists Blame Men, Ignore Race

Far left feminists have been hypocritically silent on the racial origin of the refugee-criminal mass sex attacks in Europe—despite usually being at the forefront of attacking such behavior as “male dominated sexism.”... Read more »