Some “True Finns” back “Soldiers of Odin”

Some senior members of the populist “True Finns” (TF) party have broken ranks to publicly back the idea of civilian patrols in Finnish cities to prevent “refugee” sex attacks and related crime... Read more »

Helsinki: Police Prevent “Second Cologne”

A planned mass sex attack involving “thousands” of nonwhite invaders in the city center of Helsinki, Finland, on New Year’s Eve, was only averted by swift police action and the arrest of... Read more »

Refugee-Terrorist ISIS Death Squad Arrests

Two members of an ISIS death squad which murdered at least 1,700 people have been arrested posing as refugees in Finland—and that country’s security services have identified at least another 300 “refugees”... Read more »

Protests over Invader Rapes in Finland

Increasing numbers of Finnish people are taking to public protest marches against the nonwhite invasion of their country, spurred into action by the news that there has been a dramatic spike in... Read more »