UK’s Foreign Aid in Ghana Failed, and Made Africans Less Intelligent, Official Report Finds

A UK Foreign Aid project to the value of £11 million ($14 million) in northern Ghana not only failed to alleviate poverty in its targeted 26,500 African villagers, but also resulting in... Read more »

Ugandan Government Cheats $300 Million from White Nations in Fake “Refugee” Aid

The Ugandan government has cheated white countries out of at least $300 million in “aid” money by claiming support for 1.46 million “refugees” supposedly living in that country—while in reality only about... Read more »

UK: Foreign Aid vs. Immigration Control

The British government plans to spend more on foreign aid than on its own departments concerned with immigration control, counterterrorism, and law and order, that country’s finance minister has announced. Read more »

UK: Health Deficit £1.6bn, Foreign Aid £12bn

The hatred which all Britain’s establishment parties have for their own people has been demonstrated once again with the news that the UK’s healthcare system (the National Health Service, NHS) is facing... Read more »

Will the “Developing World” Ever Develop?

It is one of the liberal media’s favorite code phrases: “developing world” or “developing nation”—by which they actually mean a perpetually retarded Third World nation that, despite massive foreign aid, has been... Read more »