Front National Seeks Russian Money

France’s Front National, denied loans by all French banks, has reached out to Russian banks to borrow the €25 million ($27.7 million) it needs to pay for the 2017 election campaign, its... Read more »

Front National Vote Increases by 800,000

NOW UPDATED WITH FINAL RESULTS. Although the conservative-socialist alliance succeeded in denying the Front National control of any regions in the second round of voting today, support for the party increased by... Read more »

Socialists, Conservatives, Ally against FN

France’s Socialist Party has formally allied with the Conservatives to try and prevent the Front National’s (FN) Marine and Marion le Pen from personally winning during the second round of regional elections... Read more »

Socialist-Conservative Unity against FN?

With all opinion polls indicating that France’s Front National (FN) will win two important regional elections in December, Socialist Party Prime Minister Manuel Valls has called for a Conservative-Socialist alliance to keep... Read more »