Banks Close Le Pen, FN’s, Accounts

In a clearly coordinated effort designed to cripple France’s Front National, two major banks— Société Générale, and its subsidiary Crédit du Nord—have closed that party’s major account and refused to grant it... Read more »

“Trump Effect” Terrifies Euro-Traitors

The “Trump effect” is striking terror through all of Europe’s traitor establishment parties, resulting in hysterical warnings from Austrian, Italian, French, and German politicians about “right-wing populists.” All those nations stand before... Read more »

French Govt Refuses “Frexit” Vote

The French government has refused to even consider holding a French European Union membership referendum, Front National leader Marine le Pen has said. In addition, she said, the EU intends to make the... Read more »

Top Jew Slams Euro Patriots

President of the European Jewish Congress (EJC) Moshe Kantor has slammed everyone who opposes the overrunning of Europe by nonwhite invaders as promotors of “hatred and intolerance.” Kantor specifically listed Germany’s AfD, Slovakia’s... Read more »

Front National Seeks Russian Money

France’s Front National, denied loans by all French banks, has reached out to Russian banks to borrow the €25 million ($27.7 million) it needs to pay for the 2017 election campaign, its... Read more »

“Europe of Nations and Freedoms”

The “Europe of Nations and Freedoms” group in the European Parliament—a coalition of patriotic parties and individuals from eight European nations—is set to hold its first official congress in Milan, Italy, on... Read more »

Controlled Media Panic at Euro Youth’s Votes

The controlled media is becoming increasingly panicked as ever-increasing numbers of young white people across Europe are voting for parties dedicated to white survival. The latest such example has come with the German... Read more »

Front National Vote Increases by 800,000

NOW UPDATED WITH FINAL RESULTS. Although the conservative-socialist alliance succeeded in denying the Front National control of any regions in the second round of voting today, support for the party increased by... Read more »

Socialists, Conservatives, Ally against FN

France’s Socialist Party has formally allied with the Conservatives to try and prevent the Front National’s (FN) Marine and Marion le Pen from personally winning during the second round of regional elections... Read more »

World Jews: “Stop the FN”

The World Jewish Congress’s official French affiliate, the Representative Council of French Jewry (CRIF), has issued a hysterical demand to the French public to “block” Marine le Pen’s Front National (FN) at... Read more »

Front National Becomes France’s Largest Party

* Front National leads in at least six regions; * Triples its vote from 2010, now largest single party in France; It was expected, and now it’s official: France’s Front National (FN)... Read more »

Polls Say FN Set for Provincial Wins

France’s Front National is set for its biggest electoral breakthrough yet and stands to take the premierships of at least two large provinces in France early in December, according to a new... Read more »

Socialist-Conservative Unity against FN?

With all opinion polls indicating that France’s Front National (FN) will win two important regional elections in December, Socialist Party Prime Minister Manuel Valls has called for a Conservative-Socialist alliance to keep... Read more »

FN Membership “Highest Ever” as Marine Le Pen Considers Party Name Change

The leadership of France’s Front National (FN) is seriously considering a name change to the party ahead of the 2017 presidential election while party membership has reached an all-time high. Read more »

France’s Marine Le Pen Trashes Upstart BBC Amateur

Marine le Pen, the leader of France’s Front National—on track for a record level of support in next week’s European elections—has displayed exactly why she has been so successful as a political... Read more »

Nonwhite Colonizers Turn Violent as France’s Front National Takes Control of 12 Cities

Nonwhite colonizers turned violent in several French towns overnight on 30 March when local election results handed control of twelve towns in France to the pro-French Front National (FN). Read more »

France’s Front National Marches in Paris

Thousands of French Front National activists marched in Paris on May 1 behind party leader Marine le Pen, as the party rides high in polls on a wave of discontent over the... Read more »

“We live in France, but with the Rules of Saudi Arabia”—FN Leader

The colonization of France has proceeded to the point where pork is no longer served in airlines, school canteens, the public administration, food aid, and other places because of pressure from Muslim... Read more »