Austrian Chancellor: “Station EU Troops in Africa” to Halt Invasion

European Union border guards should be stationed in North Africa to prevent nonwhites from even crossing the Mediterranean Sea in the first place, Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Kurz has demanded. Read more »

Croatia Builds Border Fence as Invasion Steps Up

The Croatian government is building a fence along a part of its border with Serbia to stop nonwhite invaders still trying to reach Western Europe, local media have reported. The fence was... Read more »

Refugee-Terrorists Overrunning Europe

The European Union’s border agency Frontex has admitted that there are an unknown number of jihadis in Europe—and that the “refugee crisis” is allowing them to enter at will. At the same time,... Read more »

EU: More Invaders in 11 Months than 5 Years

Between January and November 26, 2015 nearly 1.5 million “illegal border crossings” were registered by the European Union (EU) states—more than all those who entered in the previous five years added together,... Read more »