Foreign Policy: Is Donald Trump Mad?

Donald Trump’s latest foreign policy pronouncements have revealed his total subservience to the Jewish lobby, and his complete failure to comprehend the cause of Islamist terrorism, the origin of anti-American hatred across... Read more »

MI6: Iraq War “Inextricably Tied” to Israel

The decision to wage war against Saddam Hussein’s Iraq was “inextricably tied” up with the “problems” created by Israel, a now-declassified but formerly top secret letter from the UK’s foreign intelligence unit,... Read more »

“Mission Accomplished”—Illegal Iraq War’s 10th Anniversary Marked by Deadly Car Bomb Attacks

The tenth anniversary of the illegal and criminally immoral war against Iraq waged by the George W. Bush regime and his criminal Zionist extremist neocon backers has been marked with a deadly... Read more »