500,000 Invaders “Unregistered”

As many as half a million nonwhite invaders who entered Germany last year have been “lost” and have not even registered with the authorities because they know their bogus asylum applications will... Read more »

German Police: Keep Invader Drops Secret

German police union national chairman Oliver Malchow has said that in order to “better protect refugees on their arrival” in municipalities, in future such drops should be kept secret from the public.... Read more »

Cologne: 11,000 “North African” Crimes per Year

North African invaders in the city of Cologne, Germany, have committed on average some 11,000 crimes every year since January 2013, a secret police report leaked to the media has revealed. Called... Read more »

Police Chief: German Government Lies about Invasion Numbers

The German government has lied to the public over the extent of the nonwhite invasion, the number of “refugees” going back, and how many are actually being registered, the head of the... Read more »

“Southerners”: German Police Hide Crime

Not content with covering up as much refugee-invader crime as possible, the German police also deliberately engage in deliberate racial misrepresentation when describing these nonwhite criminals—almost always calling them “southerners.” The purpose... Read more »

German Police: Enemy of the People

The activities of the German police over the past few weeks have clearly shown that their political leadership regards native Germans as the enemy, and the nonwhite invaders as “protected species” who... Read more »

Pegida Cologne: State Agents Exposed

German state police agents were the ones responsible for setting off a handful of firecrackers which was then used as an excuse by the police to attack the peaceful crowd of Pegida... Read more »

Mass Cologne Sex Attack: 1,000 Attackers

German police in the city of Cologne have finally admitted that the mass sex attack on German girls near the city’s famous cathedral on New Year’s Eve involved at least 1,000 nonwhite... Read more »

German Police: “No Idea” Who is Entering

The German police have “no idea” who is coming into Germany and have not been able to register 90 percent of the nonwhite flood entering the country, the German Police Union has... Read more »