Chemnitz: Germans Attack Nonwhite Invaders after “Refugees” Carry out yet another Murder

Thousands of police have been deployed in the streets of the east German city of Chemnitz after huge crowds of angry Germans gathered to protest against—and attack—nonwhite invaders pretending to be refugees... Read more »

Tank Float: Prosecutors Investigate

In what many see as a return to Stasi-era intimidation, state prosecutors in the German states of Thuringia and Bavaria have been instructed to open investigations into the large number of carnival... Read more »

Plagues, Tiger Tanks, U-Boats: Liberals in Germany Panic over Carnival Floats

Carnival floats with Tiger Tanks, U-Boats, and a “plague-bearing Balkan Express” sowed panic among German liberals this weekend after they made their unexpected appearance during this weekend’s traditional parades around the country.... Read more »

Germany: 2 More Invader Centers Attacked

German patriots have burned down another two invader centers as the war for the existence of Europe on both political and physical levels continues to escalate. In the town of Schkeuditz, near Leipzig,... Read more »

Germany: Bombing and Attacks on Invaders

The ongoing war for the survival of Europe under the flood of nonwhite invaders has heated up overnight with reports of a bombing of an invader camp in Freital, Saxony, and the... Read more »