UK’s Biggest Fraud in History: African “Banker” to be Deported Back to Ghana

An African convicted of Britain’s largest ever financial fraud—which involved $2.3 billion and nearly brought down Switzerland’s largest bank, UBS—is about to be deported back to his native Ghana, unless Britain’s Pakistani... Read more »

“Stop Begging in European Malls,” EU Delegation Tells Ghanaians

The head of the European Union delegation to Ghana, William Hanna, has pleaded with Ghanaians to stop coming to Europe to “beg in malls” and rather stay home and build their economy. Read more »

Ghana’s Gandhi Statue to be “Moved”

The government of Ghana has announced that a statue of Mahatma Gandhi will be removed from its position on the campus of the University of Ghana in Accra after it finally dawned... Read more »

Ghana’s “Right of Abode”: Roadmap to Racial Peace?

Ghana’s “right of abode” law—which grants residence and citizenship to any black—is one of the clearest roadmaps to achieving world racial peace, the Project Nova Europa website has said. The basis of... Read more »