Lesbos, Greece: Police Remove Afghan Invaders after Clashes in Town Center

Greek police have been forced to remove several thousand Afghan invaders who had taken over the central square in Mitilini, the capital of the island of Lesbos, following physical clashes between locals... Read more »

Greece: Golden Dawn Trial Nearly Over, State Failing to Make Case

The ongoing trial of 18 members of the Greek parliament and 69 other senior figures in Greece’s famous “Golden Dawn” party—which has been ongoing in fits and starts since 2015, and followed... Read more »

Greece: Invaders Flee as Patriots Counterattack

Hundreds of nonwhite invaders have fled their camp on the island of Chios after Greek patriots carried out a devastating retaliatory counterattack with Molotov cocktails and rocks. The invaders initiated the conflict... Read more »

“It’s Better back Home”: Invaders in Greece

The ongoing refugee hoax has been definitively exposed with the news that thousands of Syrians, Afghans, Iraqis, and Iranians have returned home—because they don’t want to stay in Greece. At least 4,000... Read more »

Athens to Get First Mosque

The construction of the first official and state-funded mosque in Athens has been approved, following the decision of the Council of State, Greece’s highest administrative court. At the same time, the Greek... Read more »

“3 Million” Invaders Wait in Turkey

There are a further three million “refugees” right now in Turkey aiming to move to Europe, EU Commissioner for migration Dimitris Avramopoulos said on Monday. Another 500,000 “refugees” are standing by in North... Read more »

Macedonia “Shamed Europe”

The Macedonian government’s protection of Europe against the nonwhite invasion has been slammed by the Greek communist Prime Minister as having “shamed Europe.” Hardline communist Alexis Tsipras made the remark after Macedonian police... Read more »

Nonwhite Invaders Attack Again

Illegal nonwhite invaders—denied entrance into Macedonia—today once again launched a violent attack on the border between Greece and that country. The renewed attack started when hundreds of nonwhites—from Pakistan, Bangladesh, Somalia, and assorted... Read more »

“Peaceful Refugees” Fight over Aid

Hundreds of nonwhite invaders fought pitched battles over food aid handed out by a local Greek football team at the port of Piraeus, near Athens—just one day after do-gooder actress Angelina Jolie... Read more »

More than 150,000 Invaders Holed up in Greece

A disaster situation looms large in Greece as more than 150,000 nonwhite invaders, from all over the Third World, have landed in that country expecting to be given access to Western Europe. According... Read more »

Greek Govt: 90% of Invaders are Bogus

At least 90 percent of all the nonwhite invaders pouring into Europe are not “refugees” but “economic migrants,” the Greek Deputy Defense Minister, Dimitris Vitsas, has announced. Speaking on Friday on the... Read more »

Greece: Nonwhite Hordes Attack Border

Thousands of violent nonwhite invaders smashed down a fence on the Greek-Macedonian border yesterday in protest at not being allowed entry into Europe to parasite off white taxpayers. The nonwhites pulled out... Read more »

Nonwhite Invasion causes “Chaos” in Greece

Greece Migration Minister Yiannis Mouzalas has warned that the number of nonwhite invaders “trapped” in that country could reach 70,000 after the other Balkan states instituted a “cap” on all border crossings.... Read more »

Invaders Attack as Border Tightens

A new wave of nonwhite invaders from North and sub-Saharan Africa have launched a renewed attack on the Hungarian border as the Balkan nations agreed to prevent access to anyone who was... Read more »

Macedonia Restricts Entry to 800 Invaders Per Day

The republic of Macedonia has announced that it will, as of January 27, only allow 800 invaders per day to cross its borders to proceed north into Europe—a move incorrectly reported by... Read more »

Moroccans and Algerians Swarm into Greece

Up to 4,500 nonwhite invaders are still swarming into Greece via the islands around Lesbos every day, even at the height of the European winter—and increasing numbers are from Morocco and Algeria,... Read more »

Legal “Immigrants” & Fake Passports

Nonwhite “immigrants” who are legally resident in Europe are behind the mass manufacture of fake passports and other documents, and use a network of contacts which include people living inside ISIS-occupied Syria,... Read more »

25,000 Strong Invasion Force Gathers

A 25,000 strong nonwhite invasion force, built up in just four days, is about to be unleashed on the “Balkan route” up to Germany after Greek ferry crews ended a strike on... Read more »

Heart Surgeons and Army Generals: Meet Golden Dawn’s Euro Parliamentary Candidates

An internationally famous heart surgeon and the former director of Greece’s European Union Military Staff are among the candidates put forward for election to the European Parliament by Greece’s Golden Dawn movement. Read more »

‘Democratic’ Fascist Hypocrites in Greece Arrest Golden Dawn Opponents

The establishment’s so-called “democrats” in Greece have revealed their true fascist nature by today arresting the leader and other members of the Golden Dawn party on made-up charges of “founding a criminal... Read more »

Greece’s Golden Dawn Reaches “Above 18 Percent” in Latest Poll

Greece’s Golden Dawn has polled its highest ever rating in an official—and meant to be secret—opinion poll, gaining 18 percent of the vote and reinforcing its position as third largest party in... Read more »

Greece’s Golden Dawn Gives “Free Toll Road Day” to Motorists

Greece’s Golden Dawn continues to go from strength to strength by capitalizing upon inherent weaknesses in plutocratic capitalism—this time by seizing control of major toll road booths in Greece and allowing hundreds... Read more »