Haiti—“World’s Oldest Independent Black Republic”—Collapses into Chaos Once Again

Haiti—the Western Hemisphere’s oldest independent black republic—has collapsed into Third World chaos once again as its African population pillaged, burned and vandalized shops in the  capital city in ingoing violence despite the... Read more »

UK: Oxfam pro-Third World Charity Revealed to be Nest of Perverts

The notoriously pro-Third World UK “charity” Oxfam has revealed to be a nest of sex and paedophile perverts living it up on public donations by having sex with prostitutes and children in... Read more »

Fraudsters, Human Smugglers, Crooks: Haitians, Belizeans, Samoans Barred from US Temp Work

Extensive visa fraud, abuse, human smuggling and refusal to take back its deported citizens are the reason why Haitians, Belizeans, Samoans have now been barred from obtaining temporary work visas in the... Read more »

The True Story of Haiti—and the Mass Murder of Whites under Black Rule

The alleged description of Haiti as a “sh*t hole” by US Donald Trump makes it instructive to review the history of that Caribbean Island nation—and how its birth was bathed in blood... Read more »

Haitians Must Leave Unless They Can Stay

At least 60,000 Haitians living in America after obtaining residence through the “Temporary Protected Status” (TPS) scheme following a 2010 earthquake, have been told by the US Department of Homeland Security (DHS)... Read more »

Will DHS Expel 300,000 “Temporary Protected” Aliens?

The announcement by the US Department of Homeland Security (DHS) that the “temporary protected status” (TPS) designation for 2,500 Nicaraguans has been terminated has set the stage for a similar decision on... Read more »

Haiti: No “Massive” Voter Fraud

An electoral tribunal in Haiti has ruled that the level of voter fraud in that country’s November 2016 presidential election was not enough to “significantly” alter the outcome, and has confirmed the... Read more »

3,000 Haitian Invaders Per Month

More than 3,000 invaders from Haiti are pouring into America every month, exploiting new routes, special policies, and “lax enforcement” by the Obama regime, a secret government intelligence assessment has revealed. The... Read more »

Haitians Flood into US via Mexico

African invaders from Haiti are taking advantage of yet another loophole in U.S. immigration law by travelling to Mexico and then crossing the border, claiming “asylum” and being granted immediate entry, it... Read more »

Black Nation Deals with Invaders

The black Caribbean island nation of the Bahamas intercepts and expels back home all illegal immigrants attempting to invade their country, it has emerged. This intercept and expel policy is never remarked... Read more »

Haiti Refuses to Take Back Invader-Murderer

An illegal immigrant from Haiti who butchered a young Connecticut woman with a knife could not be deported back to Haiti because that country refuses to take back its nationals, it has... Read more »

A Third World Disaster Zone: UN Report on Haiti, 2013

Haiti, the world’s oldest black republic, which is only 28 years younger than the United States of America, has been described as dysfunctional, corrupt, inhumane, and illiterate in an official United Nations... Read more »

Haiti: Then and Now

H. Hesketh Prichard’s Where Black Rules White: A Journey Across and About Hayti reviewed by Amren’s Thomas Jackson. In 1899, the British explorer, hunter, and travel writer Hesketh Prichard (1876 – 1922)... Read more »