Austria: Hitler Birth House Lawsuit Starts

A lawyer for the owner of the house where Adolf Hitler was born is disputing the government’s right to take possession of the property in Austria’s highest court, saying authorities are using... Read more »

Auction: Hitler Items Demand Top Dollar

A number of Adolf Hitler’s personal items—including a 1940 field tunic, trousers, neckties, a pillowcase, and his dog license—have together commanded at least half a million euros during a recent auction. Hitler’s tunic... Read more »

Russian Victory Day Hypocrisy

Today’s “Victory Day” parade in Moscow is an exercise in hypocrisy—because it ignores the fact that the Soviet Union was allied to the Nazis for nearly two years of World War II—and... Read more »

Hitler-Supporting AI Bot Nixed

An experiment by Microsoft to launch an artificial intelligence (AI) Twitter bot has been hastily withdrawn after it took less than a day to turn into a Hitler-supporting, holocaust-denying, and highly racially... Read more »

“Annotated” Mein Kampf in Germany

Some 4,000 copies of a heavily annotated Mein Kampf will legally appear in selected German bookshops on January 8, 2016, for the first time in 70 years—but after that the state will... Read more »

Hitler as Popular as Ever in Germany, New Film Accidentally Reveals

Adolf Hitler appears to be as popular as ever in Germany, a new leftist film based on the best-selling book Er ist wieder da (“He is Back”) has inadvertently revealed. Read more »

Mein Kampf Furore: Only Official Translation

A recent controlled media furore over the “sudden” popularity of Adolf Hitler’s famous book Mein Kampf, particularly in ebook version, looks set to continue with the release of the only officially approved... Read more »

History Passes: Rochus Misch, Last Man from the Hitler Bunker, Dies at 96

Rochus Misch, the last surviving member of Adolf Hitler’s entourage in the Berlin Bunker, has died in Berlin at the age of 96. Read more »

Rochus Misch: The Last Survivor from Hitler’s Bunker

On 30 April 1945, Adolf Hitler took his own life in the Reich chancellery bunker in Berlin, with Soviet troops only a block or so away. Today, the last person still alive... Read more »