Trannies Furious as Research Paper Republished Showing Social Media Hysteria Spreads “Transgender” Nonsense

A research paper from an Assistant Professor at Brown University which showed that social media is influencing young children to become “transgenders” to be like their friends in a form of mass... Read more »

Whites to Blame Because Blacks have Higher Aids Rate in Mississippi, says NPR

White “racism” and white people’s “attitude” towards homosexuals and Aids is to blame for the higher incidence of Aids among blacks in Mississippi, according to a new article by National Public Radio... Read more »

Movie Star Jean-Claude Van Damme in trouble After Comparing Homo Marriage to “Marrying Dogs”

Action movie star Jean-Claude Van Damme has been reported to France’s broadcasting standards authority for comparing homosexual marriage to “dogs getting married.” Read more »

Russian Spy Attack: West Blames Putin without Proof

The rush by the UK government and its allies to blame Russian president Vladimir Putin for the alleged nerve agent attack on a Russian spy traitor hiding in England, without producing any... Read more »

Pakistani Muslims, Hungarian Gypsies, & “Bisex” Nigerians Given “Asylum” in Canada

Muslims who claim to be fleeing from Muslim Pakistan, Gypsies who claim to be fleeing from Hungary, and Nigerians who claim to be bisexual, are just some of the 90,000 fake refugees... Read more »