Movie Star Jean-Claude Van Damme in trouble After Comparing Homo Marriage to “Marrying Dogs”

Action movie star Jean-Claude Van Damme has been reported to France’s broadcasting standards authority for comparing homosexual marriage to “dogs getting married.” Read more »

Paris: 200,000 March against Homo Marriage

A crowd estimated by organizers to be 200,000 strong marched against homo marriage and for family values in Paris, France, yesterday, while homo and “Femen” activists attacked police. The group behind the... Read more »

Israel Votes Down Homo Rights—Again

The Israeli parliament has rejected a raft of laws promoting “marriage equality” for homosexuals, lesbians, and “transgenders,” even as the Israel-supporting Jewish lobby in America is at the forefront of promoting... Read more »

Jews Promote Homosexual Marriage in America but Outlaw it in Israel

All official Jewish groups and organizations in America have welcomed the Supreme Court’s ruling that homosexual marriage is legal throughout the country—but these same Jewish organizations also all back Israel, which has... Read more »

Lesbian Jews Brainwash Adopted Gentile 11-Year-Old to Take Hormone Therapy to Prevent Puberty as a Male

In a revelation which reveals precisely all that is wrong and sick with the “gay rights” movement, a lesbian Jewish couple in Berkeley, California, have brainwashed their adopted Gentile son into starting... Read more »

Half a Million French Protest Homosexual Marriage Legalization

More than half a million French people turned out for a massive demonstration against the legalization of homosexual marriage and child adoption yesterday as a small group of protesters—numbered at around 200—engaged... Read more »

1.5 Million French People Rally against Homosexual Marriage

While Americans appear transfixed by a Supreme Court case over the legalization of homosexual marriage, nearly 1.5 million proponents of traditional marriage marched in Paris to protest the French government’s plans to legalize... Read more »