Hungary, Poland, Veto EU’s Homo and Trannie Propaganda

Hungary and Poland were the only European nations to vote against a Council of the European Union motion demanding “safe internet space” for homosexuals and mentally-ill “transgenders” at yesterday’s Council meeting, forcing... Read more »

Mental Illness Spreads: “Vagina Monologues” Cancelled at Michigan College “Because not all Women have Vaginas”

The infamous feminist drivel known as the “Vagina Monologues” has had its performance at Eastern Michigan University (EMU) cancelled because it excludes those mentally ill men who have had their penises cut... Read more »

Israeli Parliament Says No to Homo Child Surrogacy, Upholding Ban on Homo Marriage

The Israeli parliament has voted down a proposed law to allow homos to have children by surrogacy, upholding their earlier decision to outlaw homo marriage. Read more »

EU Court: States Not Allowed to Question Refugees if they Claim to be Homos

The European Court of Justice (ECJ) has ruled that European Union member states are not allowed to question the claims of any nonwhite invader claiming asylum in Europe on the basis of... Read more »

Canada Discriminates against Hetros in Favor of Homos

A Christian couple in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, were refused the right to adopt children because “their beliefs related to gender and sexuality were contrary to the official position of the Alberta government”—in... Read more »

Homos, Hetro Blacks, Cause STD Disaster, says CDC

Homosexuals and heterosexual blacks—the two most sexually irresponsible and promiscuous groups—are the primary cause of the massive increase in sexually  transmitted diseases in America over the past few years,  figures from an... Read more »

Hungarian MP: “Ban Homo Propaganda from Cinemas”

Hungarian nationalist Jobbik Member of Parliament and deputy delegation leader Dóra Dúró has announced that she would ban homosexual propaganda in cinemas, and opposes homo marriage, civil unions and homo adoption. Read more »

Saudi Arabia Bans Transgenders

Saudi Arabia has formally banned “transgender” people from even visiting that country, a move coming on top of their long-standing ban on homosexuality and homosexual marriage. Despite this, the U.S. government and other... Read more »

Belarus Leads Fightback against Homo Agenda

The nation of Belarus has been named as the leader of a group of 17 countries which has blocked a plan to force the promotion of homosexuals, lesbians, and mentally ill “transgender”... Read more »

Homos, Police, Attack Swedish Patriots

Violent homosexuals, backed by Swedish policemen, attacked a peaceful protest organized by 30 patriots from the Nordisk Ungdom (“Nordic Youth”) movement against the annual homo pride march in Stockholm on July 30.... Read more »

Homo “Refugee” Gets 15 Months

A nonwhite invader who swindled his way into Austria thirteen years ago by falsely claiming that he was a homosexual—and therefore “persecuted in Iraq”—has been sentenced to an effective 10 months in... Read more »

Women-haters of the Alt-Right

Voting patterns in the recent Austrian presidential elections which showed that 60 percent of women voted for the communist-Green candidate has once again inflamed the women-haters of the alt-right movement. This anti-female... Read more »

“Naked Mrs. Trump” Ads Backfire

An anti-Trump advertisement set up by a pro-homo activist within the Republican Party featuring a 17-year-old glamor shot of his wife, has completely backfired. The campaign, set up by Republican Party... Read more »

Magistrate Fired for Being Normal

The homosexual perversion of contemporary western society has gone so far that a magistrate in England has been sacked merely for expressing the opinion that placing children in the care of same-sex... Read more »

Israel Votes Down Homo Rights—Again

The Israeli parliament has rejected a raft of laws promoting “marriage equality” for homosexuals, lesbians, and “transgenders,” even as the Israel-supporting Jewish lobby in America is at the forefront of promoting... Read more »

Austria: Police Hid Rapefugee Attack on Child

Austrian police deliberately covered up a December 2015 homosexual nonwhite invader rape attack on a 10-year-old boy in Vienna, using the excuse of “victim privacy,” it has emerged. Read more »

NY Law on “Transgender” Mental Illness

The “transgender” mental illness which is being promoted by the controlled media all over the Western world has taken on new meaning with a law in New York City which makes it... Read more »

Liberals Shocked as Invaders Kill Homo

Leftist Swedes are astounded at the arrest this week of two “refugees” from Morocco for the June 2015 murder of a dress-wearing homo in Bergsjön, eastern Gothenburg, Sweden. According to a report... Read more »

Canada Prioritizes Homo “Refugees”

The new Canadian government’s “Syrian refugee policy” has prioritized homosexual male “refugees” over heterosexual male “refugees” allegedly because the homosexuals are less of a “terrorist threat,” it has emerged. A report in... Read more »

Homos, Nonwhites, Big EU AIDS Threat

Homosexuals and nonwhites remain the biggest spreaders of AIDs in the European Union, and were together responsible for 66 percent of all new infections during 2014, says a new report issued by... Read more »

Violent Italian Homos Attack Heteros in Italy

An increasingly violent homosexual lobby in Italy has launched a series of violent attacks on peaceful pro-family demonstrators in that nation, local news reports have revealed. Read more »

“Incest is a Right”—Logical Conclusion of Destruction of Traditional Marriage Takes Hold

The logical consequence of the destruction of the idea that a marriage is only between a man and a woman—the process behind the recent “marriage equality” for sexual deviants campaign in America... Read more »