The Hungarian government has deployed the first of a proposed 3,000-strong “border hunter” force to back up existing police and army patrols securing that nation’s borders against the Third World…

The Hungarian government has refused to “compensate” two Bangladeshi invaders—as ordered by the European Court of Human Rights because they were detained while illegally crossing the Hungarian border in 2015.…

The mayor of the town of Asotthalom, southern Hungary, has become the first European politician to make a public call for Europeans who seek to get away from a “multicultural society” to settle in that country, according to the BBC.

George Soros Open Society Institute-funded organizations in Hungary which have been promoting the Third World invasion of Europe will soon be fully audited and their activities exposed in public.

Donald Trump has invited Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban to an official visit to Washington D.C.—a clear indication of what the new U.S. President’s attitude toward the Third World invasion of Europe is going to be.
The invitation was made in a telephone call between the two men last week, it was revealed.

The Hungarian government’s attempt to amend the constitution to outlaw the forced placing of invader-refugees by the European Union failed after it was unable to raise the required two-thirds majority in Parliament. Jobbik, which was expected to support the measure and would have been able to provide the necessary votes, abstained after the government refused to repeal another law which allows rich foreigners to buy residence permits.

The Hungarian government’s building of a fence along its border with Serbia—and its assistance to other states in building similar fences—has all but halted the Balkans route nonwhite invasion of Europe. As a result, the number of Third World invaders crossing into Austria from Hungary has plummeted to 5,800 this year—compared to 300,000 in 2015.

Hungary’s nationalist Jobbik party has announced that it will back the government’s proposed constitutional amendment to prevent the European Union from forcing invaders into that country. Jobbik president Gábor Vona said that his party was the only “constructive partner” in this matter, as it can provide government with the two-thirds majority needed to pass the law.

The Hungarian referendum on EU invader quotas is not “invalid” as the controlled media has lied—and the Hungarian constitution will now be amended to overturn the EU’s “freedom of movement” rules. The law says that turnout had to be above 50 percent in order to be binding upon parliament—but that body had already voted against the quota system, meaning that the vote’s decision is perfectly valid and will now be implemented.

More than 90 percent of Hungarians who participated in Sunday’s referendum have rejected the European Union’s “refugee distribution” plan—setting the stage for a dramatic clash in Brussels which could cause the EU to split. Prime Minister Viktor Orbán’s victory has however been soured by a low turnout, which needed to be above 50 percent to be binding.

No more Third World invaders will be allowed to pass through the territory of Croatia, its president Kolinda Grabar-Kitarovic has announced.
Speaking during a press conference in New York, President Grabar-Kitarovic said that if a “new migrant wave” reaches Croatia, they would not be allowed to pass through.

Hungary should be expelled from the European Union because it has refused to go along with the mass nonwhite invasion of Europe, the foreign minister of Luxembourg has announced.
In an interview with the Die Welt newspaper, Jean Asselborn—a member of the extreme left Socialist Workers Party—said that Hungary was treating the invaders “worse than wild animals.”

With less than a month to go before the referendum in Hungary—called out by that country’s government to test public opinion on the European Union’s plan to “resettle” invaders forcibly throughout the EU—the “no” vote seems set for a massive win. The implications of this vote will be far-reaching and will place Hungary on a seemingly insoluble collision course with the EU—which could even have major repercussions for that country’s continued membership of the bloc.

A group of Hungarian nationalist militants—members of a group which physically attacked the homes of Communist politicians—were given jail terms of between 10 months and 13 years this week after a trial which lasted five years.
The charges included allegations that they threw Molotov cocktails at the homes of members of the Hungarian Socialist Party.

The United Nations High Commission for Refugees (UNHCR), and George Soros’s Open Societies Foundation, are actively supplying the continuing illegal nonwhite invasion of Europe through the Balkans route with provisions, backpacks and leaflets instructing them on how to break the law.

Third World migrants are a “poison” which will destroy Europe, and the European Union (EU) is a bigger threat to European survival than Mecca, Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán has announced. “Migration is a threat, and will increase crime and terrorism. On a mass scale it is changing the face of Europe’s culture and will destroy all national cultures,” he said.