Hungary’s Top Diplomat: Illegal Immigration “Threatens European Civilization”

Illegal immigration is a threat to Europe’s future, its culture and civilization, Budapest's top diplomat and trade minister, Péter Szijjártó has told the Voice of America news service. Read more »

Hungarian City Rejected as Next EU’s “Capital of Culture” Because it is “Too White”

The Hungarian city of Székesfehérvár’s application to be selected as the next European Union’s “Capital of Culture” has rejected because its filmed submission was “propaganda for white Christian Europe” in which “everyone... Read more »

Hungary Uses “Citizenship by Ancestry” Law to Take its People from Venezuela

The Hungarian government has used its 2011 “Citizenship by ancestry” law to take in 350 Hungarian-origin people from the collapsing Third World nation of Venezuela, and another 750 are waiting for the... Read more »

Hungary: Government Announces New Plan to Pay Women to Have Children

The Hungarian government has announced a new plan to financially incentive Hungarian women to have more children as an answer to mass Third World immigration—with part of the plan being a move... Read more »

Hungary’s Orbán: May 2019 EU Parliament Elections Could be “Fatefully Decisive” on Issue of Immigration

The European Parliament elections set for May 2019 could be “fatefully decisive” and a chance for the European people to state their opinions on the issue of immigration, like those in Hungary... Read more »

Hungary: Orban Dismisses World Jewish Congress as “Running Left Wing Agenda”

Hungarian President Viktor Orban has dismissed the World Jewish Congress (WJC) as running a “a left-wing political agenda” after refusing to condemn a magazine cover showing Hungarian Jewish leader—and WJC Vice President—Andras... Read more »

Jews Angry because New Budapest Holocaust Museum Doesn’t Blame All Hungarians

Israel’s Yad Vashem Holocaust Museum has broken off all cooperation with the Hungarian government regarding the building of yet another Holocaust Museum in Budapest—because the new museum doesn’t blame all Hungarians for... Read more »

Hungary: Govt. Increases Home Purchase Subsidy to Boost Childbirth Rate

The Hungarian government has announced a huge increase in its official home purchase subsidy program to “support Hungarian families raising children” because it does not believe in replacing its population with migrants,... Read more »

UK Jews Attack May Government for backing Hungary in EU Parliament Vote

The Board of Deputies of British Jews, a Conservative Jewish House of Lords member, Jewish academics, and the Jewish Chronicle (“the world's oldest and most influential Jewish newspaper”) have all joined forced... Read more »

EU’s Illegal Vote to Punish Hungary for Not Allowing Mass Third World Invasion

The European Union parliament has voted to impose “Article 7” censure against Hungary for after that nation refused to allow the Mass Third World invasion of Europe to continue—even though the EU... Read more »

Orbán, Salvini Form United Front for Euro Elections

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán and Italian Deputy Prime Minister Matteo Salvini have sealed the outlines of a trans-European Parliament election front designed to counter the pro-Third World invasion alliance led by... Read more »

“Absurd” that Europe Should be Forced to Take in All Comers, Says Hungarian Parliament Speaker

It is “absurd” to demand that Europe should automatically take in every person seeking a higher standard of living just because some countries have lower living standards, the speaker of the Hungarian... Read more »

Hungarian Government to Abolish Fake Gender Studies at Colleges

The Hungarian government has announced its intention to abolish the fake science of gender studies at colleges and universities in that country, declaring them to be useless and of no value in... Read more »

First Boer Delegation Visits Hungarian Town

A “historic moment”—this is how the mayor of the town of Ásotthalom in Hungary, László Toroczkai, has described the first visit of an Afrikaner farmer delegation to his town which arrived there... Read more »

Hungary: Nationalists Split from Jobbik, form New Party

The nationalist wing of the Jobbik party in Hungary has broken away under its former Vice President and world-famous nationalist László Toroczkai to form a new party named “Our Homeland.” Read more »

Hungary: It’s Now a Criminal Offence to Aid Invaders in Any Way

The Hungarian Parliament has passed the set of laws known as the “Stop Soros” package which criminalizes any activities which support illegal immigration—including legal and physical aid of any sort. Read more »

Hungarian Government to Outlaw Settling an “Alien Population” in that Country

The Hungarian government has introduced a constitutional amendment to its parliament which will make it constitutionally illegal to settle any “alien population” in that country—and which will make it a jailable offense... Read more »

Hungary Election: 72 Percent Vote against Mass Third World Invasion

The Hungarian national elections held on April 8, 2018, saw voters return Viktor Orban’s Fidesz party to government with a two-thirds majority, the nationalist Jobbik party emerge as the country’s second largest... Read more »

Hungarian PM: Western Europe has Surrendered to the Third World Invasion

Western Europe has raised its hands and has laid down its weapons in the face of the invasion from Africa and the Middle East, and will never again decide its own fate,... Read more »

Hungary Moves to Outlaw Pro-Invasion Soros Organizations

The Hungarian government has introduced a bill which if passed will effectively outlaw any organization which promotes the Third World invasion of that country. Read more »

Orban: “Refugees are Invaders”

There are no genuine “refugees” in Europe because they have all crossed safe countries to get there and they are all just invaders, Viktor Orbán, Prime Minister of Hungary has told the... Read more »

Hungary to Veto EU Action against Poland

The Hungarian government will use its European Union (EU) powers to veto the proposed “Article 7” procedure against Poland, calling that move a “violation of Poland’s sovereignty.” Read more »

Hungarian MP: “Ban Homo Propaganda from Cinemas”

Hungarian nationalist Jobbik Member of Parliament and deputy delegation leader Dóra Dúró has announced that she would ban homosexual propaganda in cinemas, and opposes homo marriage, civil unions and homo adoption. Read more »

Orbán: “East/Central Europe the Last Migrant-Free Zone”

Eastern and Central Europe are the last “migrant-free zones” and the European Union has been “taken hostage by a speculative financial empire through an orchestrated invasion of new immigrants,” Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán has... Read more »

Jobbik Leader Maps out New Strategy to Boost Party

The leader of Hungary’s nationalist Jobbik party has vowed to pursue a “Hungary for the Hungarians” platform in the run-up to the next election on policies which will include halting immigration, setting... Read more »

“Black Sheep” Orban and Trump

Donald Trump has invited Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban to an official visit to Washington D.C.—a clear indication of what the new U.S. President’s attitude toward the Third World invasion of Europe... Read more »