Macedonia “Shamed Europe”

The Macedonian government’s protection of Europe against the nonwhite invasion has been slammed by the Greek communist Prime Minister as having “shamed Europe.” Hardline communist Alexis Tsipras made the remark after Macedonian police... Read more »

Nonwhite Invaders Attack Again

Illegal nonwhite invaders—denied entrance into Macedonia—today once again launched a violent attack on the border between Greece and that country. The renewed attack started when hundreds of nonwhites—from Pakistan, Bangladesh, Somalia, and assorted... Read more »

Invader Violence as Deportation Dawns

Thousands of nonwhite invaders trapped in Greece have resorted to mass violence as their imminent deportation back to Turkey draws ever close—confirming earlier predictions that there would be violence no matter how... Read more »

More than 150,000 Invaders Holed up in Greece

A disaster situation looms large in Greece as more than 150,000 nonwhite invaders, from all over the Third World, have landed in that country expecting to be given access to Western Europe. According... Read more »

Greece: Nonwhite Hordes Attack Border

Thousands of violent nonwhite invaders smashed down a fence on the Greek-Macedonian border yesterday in protest at not being allowed entry into Europe to parasite off white taxpayers. The nonwhites pulled out... Read more »