New Arrests in US Demonstrate Mass Illegal Immigration is always Nonwhites Invading White Nations

A series of arrests for illegal immigration and “anchor baby” scams in America had demonstrated once again that mass illegal immigration always consists of nonwhites invading white nations, and never the other... Read more »

Saudi Arabia Has Arrested 3.4 Million Illegal Immigrants since November 2017

Saudi Arabia—whose rulers contributed at least $25 million to the pro-illegal immigration Clinton Foundation—has arrested at least 3.4 million illegal immigrants since November 2017, according to their Interior Ministry. Read more »

Trump Administration to Block Illegal Invader Access to Public Housing

The Trump administration is moving—at last—to block access to public housing by thousands of illegal invaders who have been parasiting off the US taxcpayers for years by claiming “public housing assistance.” Read more »

Trannie Invasion Arrives at US Southern Border

The latest addition to the tidal wave of nonwhites demanding “asylum” in America is a group of at least 15 claiming to be homos or trannies—even though some have children—and whining that... Read more »

US: Only 25% of Illegal Immigrants “Arrested and Released” Show up at Court

Only 25 percent of all illegal immigrants in America detained and released pending trial under the “catch and release” system ever actually attend court, a new analysis of official government figures has... Read more »

Illegal Alien Birth Payouts cost US Taxpayers More Than Trump Wall

US taxpayers have paid out more money in healthcare payments to illegal aliens who have given birth on US soil than has been allocated for the construction of US President Donald Trump's border wall... Read more »

Netherlands 25 percent Nonwhite, Will Become Majority Third World within 1 Generation

The recent arrest of a further seven legally-resident nonwhites for terrorism in the Netherlands has highlighted the fact that, thanks to pro-mass Third World immigration policies, at least 25 percent—and most likely... Read more »

Third World Invasion of America: 13.7% of Population Born in Latin America, Asia and Africa

A report by the Center for Immigration Studies which analyzed new data from the US Census Bureau’s “2017 American Community Survey” (ACS) has showed that the nation’s immigrant population (legal and illegal) has... Read more »

Trump Moots Using US Army to Build Wall if Congress Doesn’t Cooperate

US President Donald Trump—citing Israel’s border wall as proof that walls work—has mooted the idea of using his power as Commander in  Chief of the Army to order the US Army’s Engineer... Read more »

US: 39 Million Social Security Numbers Stolen by Illegal Invaders, Report Reveals

Illegal immigrants in America have stolen nearly 39 million Social Security numbers in the years 2012 to 2016—and used them to get work in the US and for other frauds, a new... Read more »

Trump Was Right: Illegal Immigrants Did Vote in 2016 Election

In November 2016, Donald Trump claimed on Twitter—and has repeated the claim several times since then—that illegal immigrants from the Third World were fraudulently taking part in US elections—and now, as more... Read more »

India Strips 4 Million of Citizenship, Will Deport Them to “Protect Ethnic Assam” People

The Indian government has stripped at least four million people—mainly “refugees” from Bangladesh who entered the country in 1971—of their right to Indian citizenship in the state of Assam and has started... Read more »

Ireland: Indian Sub-Continent “Taxi Drivers” Fake Marriage Immigration Scam Exposed

At least 27 Indian, Pakistani and Bangladeshi nationals who engaged in fake marriages to illegally invade Ireland to work as taxi drivers in Dublin, have been arrested by police after a midnight... Read more »

Trump Administration Vows to Fight in Courts to End DACA

US Attorney General Jeff Sessions has vowed that the Trump administration will pursue all “lawful measures”—that is, pursue it to the Supreme Court—to ensure that their plan to end the Deferred Action... Read more »

Israel Locks up 1-Year Old African Invaders—But US Jews Condemn Trump for ‘Unjust’ Immigration Policy

The state of Israel locks up children of African invaders as young as one year-old—at the same time that the Israel-supporting US Jewish lobby has publicly condemned the Trump Administration for its... Read more »

Trump Order to Stop “Separating Families” Gives Invaders Legal Status above that of US Citizens

US President Donald Trump’s about turn on the issue of separating the children of illegal immigrants from their parents while in detention has created a new set of legal battles which can... Read more »

20% of All US Bureau of Prisons Custody Illegal Aliens

Twenty percent of all prisoners in US Bureau of Prisons custody were known or suspected aliens, custody were known or suspected aliens, and 93 percent of confirmed aliens in Department of Justice... Read more »

Malaysian Government Vows to “Flush Out” Illegal Immigrants by July 1

The government of Malaysia has announced a special “Ops Mega 3.0” to “flush out illegal immigrants nationwide” on July 1, after the expiry of the deadline for the rehiring and relocation program on... Read more »

Mass Invasion Forces US Homeland Security to Release 100,000 Illegals in 15 Months

The US Department of Homeland Security has been forced to release at least 100,000 illegal invaders from detention by court orders, federal laws regarding the detention of minors, and a simple lack... Read more »

Australia Commonwealth Games: “Athletes” from Rwanda, Uganda, and Sierra Leone also “Vanish”

Africans pretending to be “athletes” from Rwanda, Uganda, and Sierra Leone supposedly taking part in the Commonwealth Games in Australia have also now gone “missing,” joining their fellow invaders from Cameroon in... Read more »

California’s Mexican Attorney-General Appeals Border Wall Ruling

The Mexican-origin California Attorney General Xavier Becerra has announced that he will be immediately appealing a ruling by a San Diego federal judge allowing construction of US President Donald Trump's border wall. Read more »

Cameroon “Athletes” Vanish at Commonwealth Games in Australia

In yet another example of how nonwhites use any opportunity they can to illegally invade white countries, at least a quarter of the “athletes” from Cameroon taking part in the Commonwealth Games... Read more »

Trump Wall: New Mexico Wall Replacement Project Begins

As part of US President Donald Trump’s Executive Order 13767 (“Border Security and Immigration Enforcement Improvements”), and at the direction of the Department of Homeland Secretary, construction for a border wall replacement... Read more »

203% Increase in Invaders from Mexico to US from 2017 to 2018

There has been a 203 percent increase in the number of nonwhite invaders trying to smash their way into the United States over the Mexico border in the past year, new figures... Read more »

Trump Warns of Invasion “Caravan” and Kills DACA “Deal”

US President Donald Trump has warned of an invasion “caravan” on its way to America through Mexico, urged Republicans to change Senate voting rules to end Democratic obstructions to passing immigration reform... Read more »

“Trump Wall” Construction to Start Within Days, says US Border Chief

Construction of the US-Mexico border wall is underway, with one project to begin within days and several other projects in due course, Ronald Vitiello, U.S. Customs and Border Protection’s acting deputy commissioner... Read more »