Katter’s Australian Party Backs “Final Solution on Immigration” Senator’s Speech

The Katter's Australian Party (KAP) has doubled down on its support for its only Senator Fraser Anning—whose speech earlier this week about limiting immigration caused a controlled media uproar when he used the... Read more »

ISIS Terror Attacks Sweep US

A wave of ISIS-inspired terrorist attacks have swept the United States, including pipe bombs in New Jersey, pressure cooker bombs in New York City, and an “Allah Akbar” stabbing attack in Minnesota,... Read more »

H1-B Visa Scam Highlighted in Fla.

The endorsement of Donald Trump by two former Walt Disney World employees, who say they lost their jobs and were forced to train their H1-B visa foreign replacements, has brought into sharp... Read more »

Nonwhite Invasion Crashes Swedish IQ

More than one-third of all school pupils in Sweden are unable to complete the most basic of academic standards or pass any exams, a new report has revealed—the direct result of the... Read more »

Canada Speeds Up Descent into Third World Status

The Canadian government announced that it will increase immigration to record levels next year which will speed up that nation’s descent into Third World status, and will move the racial tipping point... Read more »

Dr. Frankenstein’s Monster: Muslim Invaders in Europe Turn on the Jewish Lobby

Jewish lobbies in Britain, France, and other European countries who have hypocritically been pushing for “open borders” have now been faced with the logical consequence of their actions: a growing and militant... Read more »

Jewish Lobby in America Undermined by Third World Immigration Invasion They Promoted

The Jewish Lobby in America—who, going back to the 1960s, were at the forefront of promoting nonwhite immigration into America—is rapidly finding out that the new “diverse” America they have created is... Read more »

Nonwhite Colonizer Children in Britain Destroy UK Educational, Social and Behavioural Standards

The rapid influx of nonwhite colonizers into Britain—and their resultant swamping of the junior schooling system—has led to a shocking decline in the literacy, behavioural and social standard of school entrants in... Read more »

US Companies Lay off Thousands, then Demand “Immigration Reform”

On Tuesday, the chief human resources officers of more than 100 large corporations sent a letter to House Speaker John Boehner and Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi urging quick passage of a comprehensive... Read more »

New “W Visa” Will Flood Nation with even More Low-Skilled Nonwhites

A newly-proposed “W visa” system, set to be approved this week by the US Congress as part of an “immigration reform package” will cause the nation to be flooded with even more... Read more »

Belgium: The Myth of “Economic Growth” through Integration

Third World immigration does not contribute to building European economies, but is actually a burden on the economy, a new report from Belgium’s Vlaams Belang party has revealed. Read more »

“Australian Muslim” Segregation Exposed in New Report

An Australian “federal multicultural inquiry” has been told that Muslims living in that nation have segregated themselves socially from the rest of society, maintaining their own schools, prayer rooms, segregated swimming pools,... Read more »