US Justice Department: “We’ll Investigate Tech Giants for Stifling Social Media Free Speech”

US Attorney General Jeff Sessions has announced that he will meet with a number of State attorneys general this month to “discuss a growing concern” that social media tech companies may be “intentionally stifling” the... Read more »

Twitter Loses First Round in Freedom of Speech Case with American Renaissance

Social media giant Twitter has lost the first stage of its censorship war with the pro-white American Renaissance organization after unilaterally its account and that of its leader, Jared Taylor. Read more »

Jewish Lobby Demands Google, Twitter, and Yahoo Internet Censorship—or Face Lawsuits

The self-described “legal arm of the pro-Israel community” Jewish lobby has issued “cease and desist” legal threats against Google, Twitter, and Yahoo, demanding that they censor content critical of the Jews’ “Holocaust”... Read more »