The New German Multicultural Toilet

“Refugees” in Germany still find European toilets a “mystery,” cannot use them despite being given pictogram instructions, are continuing to leave human excrement on bathroom floors and showers—and this is why Germany... Read more »

Dutch Police Threaten Whites over Opposition to Invasion

Dutch police are being sent to threaten white people who dared send out mildly-critical social media messages about the “refugee” invasion on the grounds that they are being “seditious”—while at the same... Read more »

One Week of War: Patriots vs Invasion

German patriots continue to increase the pace of the defense of Europe against the Third World invasion, with at least nineteen serious incidents reported in the last week alone. A CCTV image... Read more »

Norway: Man Denies Burning Invader Center

A man, identified only as an “Eastern European,” has denied being responsible for the burning of an invader center in Lindås, Norway on December 6, Norwegian media have reported. Media did not... Read more »

Protests over Invader Rapes in Finland

Increasing numbers of Finnish people are taking to public protest marches against the nonwhite invasion of their country, spurred into action by the news that there has been a dramatic spike in... Read more »