Invader Violence as Deportation Dawns

Thousands of nonwhite invaders trapped in Greece have resorted to mass violence as their imminent deportation back to Turkey draws ever close—confirming earlier predictions that there would be violence no matter how... Read more »

Germany: Violent Chaos Spreads in Camps

Repeated outbreaks of violence and chaotic scenes are becoming everyday occurrences inside invader camps in Germany, with mass brawls between different ethnic groups resulting in serious injuries and large-scale police intervention. In... Read more »

Germany: Invaders Smash up Camps

Nonwhite invaders living in “refugee camps” in Germany have started smashing up the centers in violent ethnic brawls, confounding their liberal overseers who thought that they were just peace-loving asylum seekers “fleeing... Read more »

Shocking Video: Nonwhite Attack on Macedonia

Shocking video has emerged of the ongoing violent attack by nonwhite invaders upon the Macedonian border police after the Third World hordes were denied permission to continue their march across Europe. The... Read more »