Mexico to Deport 500 Invaders Who Tried to Violently Force their Way into the US

The Mexican government has announced that it will deport at least 500 invaders who attempted to smash their way through the border into America yesterday—an attack which was repelled by US border... Read more »

Invasion Caravan Rejects 10,000 Job Offers in Mexico, Demand that White America give them Money

The nonwhite invasion caravan bottled up at the Mexican border town of Tijuana have rejected an offer by the Mexican authorities to take up 10,000 job opportunities immediately available to them, and... Read more »

Trump: Caravan is an “Invasion” of America which will be met with Military

The “caravan” heading its way north through Mexico to America is an “invasion” which will be met at the border by the American army, US President Donald Trump has announced. Read more »

Invasion Caravan Refuses Offer of “Asylum” in Mexico

The thousands of Central Americans making up the invasion caravan headed for the US border have refused “asylum” in Mexico offered by that country’s president, preferring instead to keep their sights firmly... Read more »

On Their Way North? Guatemala President: “We Have Arrested 100 ISIS Terrorists”

The president of Guatemala Jimmy Morales has announced that his country’s security forces have arrested at least 100 were illegal immigrant Middle Easterners linked to ISIS—an ominous development in light of the... Read more »

521,090 Nonwhite Invader Arrests at US Southern Border this Past Year

At least 521,090 nonwhite invaders seeking to parasite off white America have been arrested by US Customs and Border Protection (CBP) agents on the US-Mexico border this past year ending September 30,... Read more »

Trump Warns of Invasion “Caravan” and Kills DACA “Deal”

US President Donald Trump has warned of an invasion “caravan” on its way to America through Mexico, urged Republicans to change Senate voting rules to end Democratic obstructions to passing immigration reform... Read more »