Rise of White Terrorism Inevitable Response to Nonwhite Invasion and Terrorism, Says New Zealand Mosque Shooter Manifesto

The mass shooting in a Christchurch, New Zealand, mosque by a self-identified white terrorist is the inevitable result of the orchestrated global campaign being waged to destroy white people through mass immigration... Read more »

Invaders Target New Zealand after Govt Makes Manus Island Offer

At least three boatloads of nonwhite invaders pretending to be “asylum seekers” have been intercepted while heading to New Zealand, seeking to exploit that country’s offer to take illegal invaders from Australia’s... Read more »

41 Illegals Arrested in Indonesia “On Way to New Zealand”

Indonesian maritime police have arrested 41 Vietnamese nationals on a boat which was heading towards New Zealand with the intention of illegally landing its passengers there, the Jakarta Post has reported. Read more »

Indonesian Jailed for Invader Smuggling to NZ

An Indonesian court last week sentenced what media described as a “people-smuggling kingpin” to six years in jail for organizing a mass invasion of fake asylum seekers to New Zealand in 2015.... Read more »