MSF Suspend Ebola Treatment in Congo after Tribesmen Attack Second Treatment Center

Doctors without Borders (Médecins Sans Frontières, MSF) has officially halted all its medical activities in the epicenter of the Ebola epidemic in the Democratic Republic of the Congo following a second major... Read more »

DNA Pioneer James Watson Punished for Telling Truth about IQ and Race

Nobel Prize-winning scientist James Watson—one of the discoverers of DNA’s double helix structure—has been stripped of several honorary titles by the laboratory he once headed because he has once again dared to... Read more »

China: “Genetically Edited” Babies Prove that All Human Attributes are Genetic, not Environmental

News that a doctor in China has produced the world’s first “gene-edited babies” has proven once again that all human attributes are genetic in origin, and not environmental, as the race-denying liberal... Read more »

Whites to Blame Because Only 1.8% of America’s IT Workforce is Black

The National Urban League (NUL)—one of America’s oldest pro-black lobbies—has blamed “white racism” because only 1.8 percent of all IT Tech Company employees are black—ignoring the fact that a race with an... Read more »

Intelligence is Genetic, MIT Admits, and IQ-DNA Tests Soon Available

Faced with the inevitable march of impartial factual science, several leading behavioral geneticists have now fully admitted that intelligence is genetic—i.e. that intelligence is inherited, and not environmental—and that IQ DNA test... Read more »

Germany: 82% Invaders “Fail Basic Literacy”

Many nonwhite invader-“refugees” in Germany don’t know how to hold a pen, and 82% fail the most basic literacy test—needed to work in the lowest skill “helper” professions—despite years of individual tuition... Read more »

UPDATED: Melbourne Car Ramming Terrorist Claimed to be a “Muslim Kurd”

The perpetrator of the car ramming terrorist attack carried out in Melbourne, Australia, on Friday, January 20, claimed he was a "Muslim Kurd" on Facebook, but has now been positively identified... Read more »

Mass Nonwhite “Minor” Invasion Continues

At least 26,000 “unaccompanied children” and another 29,700 people “traveling as a family” were detained while invading the U.S. border with Mexico in the first six months of this year. “Thousands” more... Read more »

All “Failing Schools” in Alabama are Black

All the seventy-six schools recently listed by the Alabama Department of Education as “failing” are black, and together account for 92 percent of the students in failing schools in that state. The report,... Read more »

Telegraph: Nigerians and Crime

There are so many Nigerians in prison in Britain and other countries that their “reputation for criminality has made it hard for them to be accepted abroad,” the Telegraph newspaper in London... Read more »

Daily Mail Admits: Nonwhite Rape Plague

Nonwhites commit at least 86 percent of all gang rapes in Britain, the UK’s Daily Mail newspaper has finally admitted—reversing a long-standing policy of censoring the relationship between race and crime. In... Read more »

Blackest Schools Have Worst Academics, New Official US Statistics Show

Official statistics from the US Department of Education’s National Center for Education Statistics (NCES) have once again confirmed that, despite decades of affirmative action and billions of dollars of set-asides, black students... Read more »

Latest Ploy to Enforce School Diversity: “Gifted” Class Cut at Brooklyn School because It Is Too White

Faced with the unpalatable truth that the majority of pupils in the “gifted” class of its enrolment were white—and the “rest” of the student body are nonwhite—a Brooklyn school has taken the... Read more »

“No Child Left Behind” Delusion Collapses in Chicago

The reality of race and IQ has undone more than a decade’s intensive efforts—costing the US taxpayers untold millions—in the greater Chicago area with the news that the latest National Assessment of... Read more »

No Whites to Blame as All Liberian Students Fail University Admission Exam

Third World apologists have been thrown into a new quandary by the news that all 23,000 school-leavers who wrote admission exams for the University of Liberia in that nation, have failed their... Read more »

Baffled Liberals already Trying to “Explain” Expected Zimbabwe Election Results

Rather than accepting that Zimbabwean president Robert Mugabe’s anti-white policies are popular among Africans, baffled liberals all over the world are attempting to explain away his expected election victory today as resulting... Read more »