American Soldiers ‘Will Die for Israel’ says US Army General Richard Clark

American soldiers deployed at the new US Army base in Israel will “die to defend the Jewish state,” USAF Third Air Force commander Lt.-Gen. Richard Clark has told the Jerusalem Post newspaper—a... Read more »

US, UK, Lied to World over Iraqi WMDs, Admits Ex-UK PM

The American government knew that Iraq’s Saddam Hussein possessed no weapons of mass destruction before the invasion of that country, but deliberately withheld this information from the world, former UK Prime Minister... Read more »

US: Fake Iraqi “Refugees” Arrested

Three Iraqi invaders pretending to be refugees living in Northern Virginia have been arrested and charged with fraud and lying on their asylum applications used to enter the United States—with one being... Read more »

“Refugee” Excuse for Iraqis Collapses as 1.5 Million Go Home

The claim that Iraqis “must” have “asylum” in Europe is rapidly collapsing with the news that recent military victories against ISIS in both Syria and Iraq have already seen more than 1.5... Read more »

US Infrastructure Dire Because “Trillions Spent on Wars”

America’s infrastructure is in a dire state because successive U.S. administrations have spent trillions on wars rather than investing in their own country, the Chinese billionaire entrepreneur and founder of the e-commerce... Read more »

UK Intel: Israel is “True Threat”

Britain’s Government Communications Headquarters (GCHQ) intelligence unit officially described Israel as the “true threat” to peace in the Middle East, a leaked top-secret report has revealed. “The Israelis constitute a true threat... Read more »

New Editor of Atlantic Exposed

Jeffrey Goldberg, the new editor of the Atlantic magazine—which endorsed Hilary Clinton—has been exposed as a fanatic Jewish Supremacist who was one of the driving forces behind the fake news stories leading... Read more »

9-11: Media Plays Dumb on Cause

Fifteen years after the events of 9-11, the controlled media still refuses to address the reality that America’s support of Israel, the Jewish Lobby’s control of American foreign policy, traditional Islamic hostility... Read more »

Yemen: The Hidden War

The announcement that the U.S. is “scaling back” its involvement in the Yemen civil war has lifted the curtain on that bloody conflict, which has seen American and U.K. military intervention driven... Read more »

Foreign Policy: Is Donald Trump Mad?

Donald Trump’s latest foreign policy pronouncements have revealed his total subservience to the Jewish lobby, and his complete failure to comprehend the cause of Islamist terrorism, the origin of anti-American hatred across... Read more »

MI6: Iraq War “Inextricably Tied” to Israel

The decision to wage war against Saddam Hussein’s Iraq was “inextricably tied” up with the “problems” created by Israel, a now-declassified but formerly top secret letter from the UK’s foreign intelligence unit,... Read more »

Why do Muslims Hate the West?

Donald Trump’s call for a ban on Muslim immigration to the US “until the country’s representatives can figure out what’s going on,” is little more than a deliberate cop out by almost... Read more »

ISIS Created by US Invasion of Iraq

The international terrorist organization ISIS is the direct result of the American-led George W. Bush-era invasion of Iraq, an Amnesty International report has concluded. The dramatic evidence for this assertion is contained... Read more »

UK: Foreign Aid vs. Immigration Control

The British government plans to spend more on foreign aid than on its own departments concerned with immigration control, counterterrorism, and law and order, that country’s finance minister has announced. Read more »

Paris Attacks: West’s Policies to Blame

The insanity of Western Europe and America’s promotion of mass Third World immigration and their destabilization of the Middle East as part of their pro-Israeli foreign policies, has been vividly demonstrated once... Read more »

Syria: Supporting Terrorists Causes “Refugee” Crisis

Syrian President Bashar Assad has told Russian Television (RT) that Europe is “not dealing with the cause” of the current “refugee” crisis because they are continuing to support terrorists in Syria who... Read more »

The Second Wave: “Millions” of Iraqis Now Seek to Invade Europe Thanks to “Open Doors” Policy

“Emboldened” by the success of the current nonwhite invasion of Europe, hundreds of thousands—and potentially millions—of Iraqis now seek to claim “asylum” on the continent, according to a new report by the... Read more »

James Foley Murder: The Deadly Combination of Nonwhite Immigration and Pro-Israeli Foreign Policy

The brutal murder of American journalist James Foley is the direct result of the West’s insane twin policies of allowing mass immigration into white countries combined with blatantly pro-Israeli foreign policies—the latter... Read more »

French Police Confirm that Paris Attack was Copycat of London Event

An attack on a French soldier near the La Defense area in the middle of Paris was inspired by the attack on British soldier Lee Rigby, police have finally confirmed. The attacker,... Read more »

Imported Terror: How Many More Must Die?

The machete murder of a serving British soldier by two crazed Islamist nonwhites in broad daylight in London today has once again highlighted the insanity of the establishment’s twin suicide pills of... Read more »

Boston Bomber: “We did it to avenge wars in Iraq and Afghanistan”

Although the establishment media continues to feign ignorance at the motivation of the Chechen Muslim Boston marathon bombers, a statement given to the FBI by the surviving terrorist has confirmed what informed... Read more »

“Mission Accomplished”—Illegal Iraq War’s 10th Anniversary Marked by Deadly Car Bomb Attacks

The tenth anniversary of the illegal and criminally immoral war against Iraq waged by the George W. Bush regime and his criminal Zionist extremist neocon backers has been marked with a deadly... Read more »