2002 LA Airport Terrorist Also a “Diversity Visa” Winner

The Muslim terrorist Hesham Mohamed Ali Hedayet—who in 2002 killed two people and injured four others in an attack at Los Angeles International Airport—was, just like the more recent New York terrorist... Read more »

Thailand: Terror Attacks Target Whites

The latest terrorist attacks in Thailand—which saw eleven bombs detonated in an 18-hour period—deliberately targeted areas where white western tourists made up large numbers of passersby. The attacks are but the latest... Read more »

The Worldwide Terror War on Whites

About 30 Europeans have been murdered in five terrorist attacks during the first fifteen days of 2016—part of a deliberate and ongoing worldwide terrorist war directed primarily against white people by Islamist... Read more »

Boston Bomber: “We did it to avenge wars in Iraq and Afghanistan”

Although the establishment media continues to feign ignorance at the motivation of the Chechen Muslim Boston marathon bombers, a statement given to the FBI by the surviving terrorist has confirmed what informed... Read more »