Israel Pays Jews to Run All “Refugee Aid Centers” in Greece says Israeli Media

Jews—from Israel and America—are paid by the Israeli government to run almost all the “refugee aid centers” in Greece, directly boosting the nonwhite invasion of Europe, the Israeli media has admitted, while... Read more »

Israel Gives Africans 60 Days to Leave: West’s Controlled Media Silent

Israel has today formally started giving African invaders in that country deportation notices saying that the sub-Saharans have 60 days to leave or be locked up indefinitely in prison, a development which is... Read more »

Israel: African Deportation Plan Snarls

Israel’s plans to deport all 40,000 African invaders pretending to be refugees in that country may have hit a major hitch after both Uganda and Rwanda—the two nations identified as the dumping ... Read more »

Muslim “Refugees” Don’t Like Israel

Jews in Europe and America are allegedly astounded to find out that the millions of Muslims they have helped push into Europe pretending to be “refugees” don’t like Israel and are opposed... Read more »

Israel Deports Invaders to Africa

Israel continues to forcibly deport thousands of Eritrean and other nonwhite invaders back to Africa—and has accepted just four “asylum” requests since 2009. Simultaneously, Jewish lobbies in America and Europe are at... Read more »

IsraAid Opens Office in San Francisco

The Israeli government-financed foreign aid organization IsraAid has launched an office in San Francisco to recruit American Jews to come and physically assist the nonwhite invasion of Europe. IsraAid teams have been... Read more »

Israel Helps Invaders in Europe

IsraAID, the Israeli government’s foreign aid agency, provides food, clothing, medical, and logistical support to the nonwhite invaders of Europe in Greece, Croatia, and Germany, in “cooperation with the Jewish community of... Read more »

Jews, Palestinians, Aiding Invasion

Jews and Palestinians, working for the Israeli state-funded foreign aid agency IsraAID, are actively working on the ground in Greece to help the mass nonwhite invasion of Europe take place—even though all... Read more »

Jews Push Muslim “Refugees” on US

America’s only officially state-funded Jewish “refugee” organization, the Hebrew Immigration Aid Society (HIAS), works full time to bring as many nonwhite—and mainly Muslim—invaders as possible into the US—but at the same time... Read more »