Israeli Baby-Killing Attack on Syrian Civilians Condemned by Russia, International Human Rights Committee

The government of Russia, the International Human Rights Committee, and the Arbishop of the Greek Orthodox Patriarchate of Jerusalem have joined in the condemnation of the latest Israeli missile bombardment of civilians... Read more »

Russia Warns Israel: Stop Bombing Syria

The Russian Foreign Ministry has issued an official warning to the Jews-only ethnostate of Israel to stop bombing Syria—while the Syrian government in turn warned that it would reserve the right to... Read more »

Israeli Bombing of Anti-ISIS Iranians in Syria “Most Likely in the World” to Cause Open War

The recent Israeli bombing attack on Iranian forces in Syria—who are there fighting ISIS and other terrorist groups—is the one conflict in the world that  is “most likely to devolve into open... Read more »

Jews Bomb Syria with Blessing from “Blacks are Monkeys” Chief Rabbi after New “Chemical Attack”

The Israeli air force has bombed the Syrian army once again at the T-4 airport in Homs with the direct blessing of the Jewish state’s Chief Rabbi Yitzhak “blacks are monkeys” Yosef—after... Read more »

ISIS Caliphate in Death Throes as Syria Warns Israel

With the final military defeat of ISIS now just a matter of days away, Syria has now finally warned Israel to stop its terror raids and bombing of Syrian civilians, that country’s... Read more »

Israel Attacks anti-Isis Forces in Syria—Again

The Israeli air force has once again launched a series of attacks on Syrian government-supporting anti-ISIS forces outside Damascus, and has threatened to “destroy Syrian air defense systems” if they dare to... Read more »