UK: Jewish Lobby Brings Labour Party Back under Control with Fake “Anti-Semitism” Brouhaha

Britain’s Labour Party has finally been brought back under control by that country’s Jewish lobby and been forced to accept a “definition” of anti-Semitism which outlaws criticism of Israel—no matter how racially-based... Read more »

Netanyahu: Race-mixing to Destroy Liberal Jews

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has reportedly predicted that racial mixing between liberal Jews and non-Jews will wipe out Reform Judaism in America by 2070—and that as a result, the Jewish ethnostate... Read more »

Israel: New Ethnic Cleansing Law

The Israeli government has taken yet another step forward in its program to ethnically cleanse the occupied West Bank of Palestinians with a new law called the “Regulation Bill” which has passed... Read more »

Jews: AfD an “Indictment” and “Nightmare”

The Central Council of Jews in Germany has condemned the strong vote for the Alternative für Deutschland (AfD) party over the past weekend as an “indictment of Germany” and a “nightmare come... Read more »