Israel has 90 Nukes, Has Been Claiming that Iran has 1 Since 1979

Israel, which has been regularly accusing Iran of building one atom bomb since at least 1979, has at least 90 nukes of its own, according to the latest released yearbook on the... Read more »

New US Law Obliges Americans to Pay Unlimited Billions to Israel

In what has been described as an “unprecedented gift of executive power to Israel,” the US Congress has passed for the very first time a law that forces the American president to... Read more »

Israel: Jews Demand “Better” Military Aid Deal from US Taxpayers Despite $38 billion Gift

Israeli members of parliament have demanded that the US government “renegotiate” the $38 billion armaments aid deal given to the Jewish ethnostate—because not all of the money will be spent in Israel,... Read more »

Jewish Lobby Lies on Iran Unravel as International Atomic Energy Agency Confirms Netanyahu is a Liar

The International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) has confirmed in a formal statement that Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is an outright liar and completely manufactured claims of Iranian “nuclear weapons” in his... Read more »

Lawsuit Filed over Illegal US Aid to Israel

Legal history was made last week in a Washington D.C. Federal Court when several senior U.S. Government figures were named as respondents in a suit filed over America’s ongoing illegal “aid” to... Read more »

Jewish Lobby’s Iran Lies Exposed by IAEA

The Jewish lobby’s endless whining over Iran and “atom bombs” have been definitively exposed as outright lies by the International Atomic Energy Agency’s (IAEA) final report on Iran’s nuclear industry. The IAEA... Read more »

Iran’s Mythical “Atom Bomb” and the Real Rogue Nuclear Weapons State: Israel

Media attention on the agreement reached in Switzerland this past weekend—which will see limitations put on Iran’s peaceful nuclear energy program—has ignored the real elephant in the room: the only rogue nuclear... Read more »