Jews Force 11,000 Pro-Israel Changes to US School Textbooks

The Jewish lobby in America has forced through more than 11,000 changes to US school textbooks issued by National Geographic, Prentice Hall, Five Ponds Press, Houghton Mifflin Harcourt and McGraw-Hill over the... Read more »

Israel: “World’s Most Moral Army” Exposed as Murderers by New Video

The Jews-only state of Israel’s army—whose propagandists continually claim to be the world’s “most moral”—has been exposed as cold-blooded murderers with the release of yet another video showing an unarmed stationary Palestinian... Read more »

Open Bias: Jewish-Lobby Controlled West Silent on Israeli Gaza Massacres

In another indication of the power the international Jewish lobby has over almost all Western governments and mass media, the ongoing mass slaughter of Palestinians by Israel—in which at least 31 have... Read more »

Israel Still “Determined to Expel” Africans, says Netanyahu

The state of Israel is still determined to expel every single African invader pretending to be a refugee from its territory, and “will continue to act with determination” to achieve this end,... Read more »

Netanyahu Suspends UN African Deportation Plan after Backlash in Israel

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has suspended the plan to deport Africans to white countries after a backlash from his own party members who pointed out that rewarding the invaders with residence... Read more »

17 Dead, 1,400 Injured: EU Calls for Probe into Latest Israeli Massacre of Palestinians

In a major break with the Jewish lobby—which normally strictly controls public pronouncements from European Union officials—the EU's diplomatic chief Federica Mogherini has called for an official investigation into the deadly massacre... Read more »

Israel to Dump its Unwanted Africans in White Countries

The Israeli government will halt the deportation of its black invaders to Africa, and will instead dump them in white countries, it has been announced. Read more »

US-Supplied Israeli F-35 Stealth Jets Penetrate Iranian Airspace

US-supplied Israeli F-35 stealth jets have penetrated Iranian airspace for the first time, making a renewed Jewish attack upon that country a distinct possibility as tensions increase in the region once again. Read more »

“Another War for Israel is Coming,” Warns Former Top CIA Man

US President Donald Trump’s appointment of leading neoconservative John Bolton as National Security Advisor means that the Zionist war-party takeover of the White House is nearly complete, and that another war on... Read more »

American Soldiers ‘Will Die for Israel’ says US Army General Richard Clark

American soldiers deployed at the new US Army base in Israel will “die to defend the Jewish state,” USAF Third Air Force commander Lt.-Gen. Richard Clark has told the Jerusalem Post newspaper—a... Read more »

Israel’s African Deportation Program Temporarily Halted by Court

The Israeli government’s plan to deport nearly 40,000 African invaders pretending to be refugees has halted for two weeks while the country’s Supreme Court considers an appeal by two left wing Jews... Read more »

“Holocaust Law”: Free Speech Banning Israel Objects to Free Speech Banning Poland

Israeli foreign minister Naftali Bennett will visit Poland this week to register the Jewish state’s official objection to a new law forbidding reference to “Polish death camps”—although the law is modelled directly... Read more »

Israel: African Deportations will Happen, Promises Foreign Minister

The planned deportation of thousands of African invaders pretending to be “asylum seekers” in Israel will definitely happen, and an African state has “unequivocally assented” to all the details, the Israeli foreign... Read more »

Israel Behind Latest Terror Car Bombing in Lebanon

One of the perpetrators of the latest car bomb to explode in the southern Lebanese port city of Sidon has confessed to being directed by the Israeli secret service, the press office... Read more »

Us Jews Condemn Trump’s “Sh*t Hole” Remark, but Silent When Netanyahu’s called Non-Jews “Wild Beasts”

US Jewish organizations have unanimously condemned Donald Trump’s alleged “sh*t hole” country remarks—but were completely silent when their country’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu called all non-Jews “wild beasts” and the reason why... Read more »

Trump Blames Palestinians for “No Peace”

The Trump administration has cut off $125 million in funding for the United Nations Relief and Works Agency, which provides aid to Palestinians driven out of their homes by the Israelis, accusing... Read more »

Israel: “2-State Solution” Smashed

The Israeli parliament ushered in the new year with a law that made it nearly impossible for its government to hand over control of any parts of Jerusalem back to the Palestinians—a... Read more »

International Jewry Endorses FPÖ Boycott

The chairman of the Israel-Austria Friendship Group in the Israeli Knesset, the official organization of Jews in Austria (Israelitische Kultusgemeinde), and the World Jewish Congress have all endorsed Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin... Read more »

Top DC Jew: “Jewish Lobby Writes US Policy”

The sole purpose of American “negotiations” in the Middle East is to advance Israel’s interests, not to achieve peace, and that policy is written by the Jewish lobby in the US, M.J.... Read more »

South African Govt. Breaks with Israel

The African National Congress government of South Africa has ordered its embassy in Israel to be immediately downgraded to a liaison office in protest against the Jewish state’s occupation of Palestinian territories—the... Read more »