Israel: State-Funded Yeshiva Rabbis Filmed Teaching Jews that “Non-Jews must be Jewish Slaves”

Two of Israel’s state-funded rabbis at a pre-military religious academy in a West Bank Jewish settlement have been recorded telling their Jewish students that non-Jews are genetically inferior and are best being... Read more »

US Govt. Announces “Unwavering Support” for Israeli Government, Despite Alliance with Gentile-hating “Jewish Power” Party

US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo has announced a visit to the Jews-only Israel to show “unwavering support” for Benjamin Netanyahu—despite the latter’s electoral alliance with the Jewish Power party whose leaders... Read more »

New Israeli Government Party Poster Warns Jews of “Danger” of Marrying Non-Jews

An election poster put up by Israeli Education Minister Naftali Bennett’s Jewish Home Party—one of Benjamin Netanyahu’s key coalition partners—has warned Jews of the “danger” of their daughters marrying non-Jew Read more »

Israel’s Jewish Agency Head: Non-Jews Marrying Jews is an “Actual Plague”

The newly elected head of the Jewish Agency for Israel—the official organization which brings Jews to that ethnostate—Isaac Herzog, has described marriages between Jews and non-Jews as “an actual plague.” Read more »

Flashback: When Israel’s Chief Rabbis Said Gentiles are “Donkeys Who Exist to Serve Jews” and should be expelled

The ongoing controlled media uproar over Donald Trump’s alleged “sh*t hole” remarks is in stark contrast to the same media blackout given to earlier—and far worse remarks—made by Israel’s chief rabbis that... Read more »

International Jewry Endorses FPÖ Boycott

The chairman of the Israel-Austria Friendship Group in the Israeli Knesset, the official organization of Jews in Austria (Israelitische Kultusgemeinde), and the World Jewish Congress have all endorsed Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin... Read more »

U.N. Vote and Jewish Lobby Hypocrisy

The U.S. Jewish lobby has rushed to defend Israel following the United Nations’ Security Council (UNSC) motion condemning the illegal seizure of Palestinian land—highlighting the fact that they support the right of... Read more »

Leftist Jews: Israel is Jewish Ethnostate

The far left Jewish lobby has finally admitted in public that Israel is nothing more than a Jewish ethnostate which has racially-based laws built on Jewish Supremacism, and Israel-supporting Jews who oppose... Read more »

Jews: US Must Take in More Muslims

The Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society (HIAS)—America’s largest Jewish pro-“refugee” organization, has demanded that the U.S. “take a leading role” in bringing even more Muslims to that country—but at the same time, stands... Read more »

Israeli Police: Arabs and Falasha More Criminal

Israel’s Police Commissioner Roni Alsheich has said it is “natural” for officers to suspect Ethiopian (“Falasha”) Jews and Arabs in Israel of being more involved in crime—because they are. His comments have... Read more »

Jew behind Gypsy Propaganda Dies

The Israel-based Jew Valery Novoselsky, responsible for the anti-white and pro-Gypsy propaganda now common in the controlled media, has died at the age of 46. Born in the USSR, he moved to... Read more »

Israel “Causes ISIS”: House of Lords Peer

Israel’s brutal treatment of the Palestinians is a “major reason” behind the rise of radical Islamism and ISIS, and “Jewish power” is the cause of Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn’s troubles, a... Read more »

Jews Set “Road Map” for FPÖ

Israel and Jews in Austria have—hypocritically—set out a “road map” for Heinz Christian-Strache’s Freedom Party (FPÖ) to follow if they want “normal” relations with the “Jewish community.” The Jews are demanding that Strache... Read more »

US: “Largest Ever” Aid to Israel

The White House said it is prepared to commit to the “largest single pledge of military assistance to any country in US history” in its defense assistance talks with Israel. According to... Read more »

Israeli Online Fraud: Case Launched

Around 2,500 victims of the Israeli-based online “binary options” fraud scam will be suing in a London court, it has emerged—and there are “tens of thousands” more complainants waiting to join them. Their... Read more »

Israel Segregates Maternity Wards

It has emerged that Israel racially segregates its maternity wards by race, with one Israeli Member of Parliament saying that this is done because “Arabs are my enemies and that’s why I... Read more »

Expel Non-Jews: Israeli Chief Rabbi

All non-Jews should be expelled from Israel, and the only reason they are not is because they can be “servants to the Jews” until the Messiah comes, Israel’s Chief Sephardic Rabbi Yitzhak... Read more »