Iran: Israel’s Illegal Nukes a “Threat to the World”

Iran's ambassador to the United Nations’ nuclear watchdog said Thursday that Israel's nuclear program poses threat to the international peace and security, and that the Jewish ethnostate’s clandestine nuclear facilities must be... Read more »

Germans Pay $634 Million for Israel’s Latest Nuclear Attack Subs

German taxpayers will be forced to contribute €540 million (US$634 million) towards three new nuclear-weapon capable attack submarines the Jews-only state is buying from the Thyssenkrupp sub manufacturer. Read more »

Israel “Aid”: Public Does Have Rights

Ordinary Americans have a right to have a say over aid to nuclear weapon-armed Israel, according to the latest legal exchange in the ongoing Federal court action initiated by the Institute for... Read more »

Aid to Israel: “Citizens Have No Say”

The U.S. Department of Justice says a law forbidding “foreign aid” to nuclear-armed Israel can only be enforced by the president—and that no one else has jurisdiction over this matter. The astonishing... Read more »