Trump Rudely Dumps Italy’s Salvini

Donald Trump has rudely dumped Italy’s Lega Nord leader Matteo Salvini, saying he “never wanted to meet him” and “didn’t even know him”—only a few weeks after meeting and posing with the... Read more »

Trump, Salvini, Ally against Invasion

Italy’s Northern League leader Matteo Salvini has received Donald Trump’s official endorsement at a rally in Pennsylvania—with the Republican front-runner saying he hoped that Salvini would be Italy’s next Prime Minister. The... Read more »

Italy Braces for 10,000 Invaders a Week

More than 5,000 sub-Saharan Africans landed in Italy last week, and coast guard monitors are predicting another 10,000 this week—an indication that the cross-Mediterranean route of attack is now once again in... Read more »

Italy Now Focus for Invasion

Italy is fast becoming the new focus for the nonwhite invasion of Europe following the closing of the Balkans route, with European Union Foreign Minister Federica Mogherini warning that over half a... Read more »

Pope Welcomes “Muslim Brothers”

The pope formally marked himself as an enemy of European civilization this weekend by washing and kissing nonwhite invaders’ feet and declaring that they were all his “Muslim brothers.” The debasing spectacle played... Read more »

Italy: Police “Puzzled” by African Behavior

Italian police in Naples have said that they are “puzzled” why an African invader from Ghana started attacking and beating passers-by at random, local media have reported. At least three people were... Read more »

11 Suspect ISIS “Refugees” Arrested in Italy

Italian police have arrested eleven “refugees” in the northern city of Genoa on suspicion of being members of ISIS, after the nonwhite invaders launched a coordinated effort to reach Britain by car... Read more »

Italian Patriots Sue Commie Milan Mayor

Italian patriots under the leadership of “Brothers of Italy” (Fratelli d’Italia, FdI) party president Giorgia Meloni are taking the communist mayor of Milan to court for racial discrimination against Italians for his... Read more »

Invaders Riot over “Lack of Wi-Fi”

A group of ungrateful African invaders parasiting off the Italian taxpayers in northern Italy have rioted, emptying their trash into the streets in protest because they do not have free Wi-Fi and... Read more »

“It’s Invasion”: Italy’s Lega Nord

The ongoing influx of “refugees” is nothing but a deliberately planned “invasion” designed to replace Europeans with non-Europeans, Matteo Salvini, leader of Italy’s Lega Nord, has announced. Read more »

Violent Italian Homos Attack Heteros in Italy

An increasingly violent homosexual lobby in Italy has launched a series of violent attacks on peaceful pro-family demonstrators in that nation, local news reports have revealed. Read more »

New Italian Coalition is a “Bonga-Bonga” Government, Says Northern League MEP

The new Italian government—which contains that country’s first African minister—is a “bonga bonga government,” outspoken Northern League Member of European Parliament Mario Borghezi, said. The MEP, whose party formed a coalition with... Read more »