Japan Rejects Fake Refugees: Only 20 of 20,000 Applications Accepted

Japan has continued with its policy of rejecting fake “refugee” claims, and last year only accepted 20 out of 20,000 applications, new data from the Immigration Bureau of Japan has revealed. Read more »

Japan Cracks Down on Illegal Invaders and Fake Refugees

Japan will curb all “asylum seekers’” rights to work and detain any not deemed refugees or who have made multiple applications, the Yomiuri daily newspaper has reported—a move which further tightens one... Read more »

Japan Accepts 0.25% of Fake Refugees

Japan has accepted just 28 out of 10,901 Third World scroungers pretending to be refugees, according to figures published by that country’s Ministry of Justice. Read more »

908,000 “Foreign Workers” in Japan

The number of “foreign workers” in Japan has jumped to 908,000—a record high—and the government is planning to bring in more on a “temporary basis,” despite rising popular opposition. Read more »

Ancient Roman Coins Found in Japan

Roman coins dating from the reign of Constantine the great (272 A.D.–337 A.D) have been found in the ruins of a Japanese castle dating from around 1300—more than 20 years before European... Read more »

Japan Refuses to be Invaded

The Japanese government—well aware of the dangers to their continued existence as a culture, civilization, and racial entity—have come down firmly against the liberal notion of “asylum seekers” and mass Third World... Read more »