Trump is not “Alt-Right”

Donald Trump is not part of the nebulous “alt-right” movement, and Hilary Clinton’s claim that he is, is just a “typical lefty campaign ploy,” Jared Taylor, head of the American Renaissance webzine... Read more »

Dylann Roof and the Dangers of Denying Black-on-White Crime: Council of Conservative Citizens Spokesman

The Council of Conservative Citizens—named in Charleston church massacre shooter Dylann Roof’s online manifesto issued before his shooting spree—has unequivocally condemned “Roof’s murderous actions” but simultaneously pointed out the “danger of denying... Read more »

White Identity: A Discussion with Jared Taylor

Jared Taylor is the world-renowned American race-realist who runs the “American Renaissance” organisation. Here, in this exclusive interview, he discusses race, IQ, the fate of the West…and more Read more »