Jewish Hate Group SPLC Gets Boot from US Federal Government Partnership Programs

The Jewish extremist Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) hate group has been given the boot from all formal partner programs with the US Government, Attorney General Jeff Sessions has announced. Read more »

20% of All US Bureau of Prisons Custody Illegal Aliens

Twenty percent of all prisoners in US Bureau of Prisons custody were known or suspected aliens, custody were known or suspected aliens, and 93 percent of confirmed aliens in Department of Justice... Read more »

US Attorney General on Invader Parent/Child Separation: Same Law is Applied to Americans

Foreigners who break the law will be treated like US citizens who break the law—and that includes separating children from interned parents, which is the norm for American citizens, Attorney General Jeff... Read more »

0.5% Visa Overstayers Deported

Exactly 0.5 percent of the 482,781 aliens who entered the United States on a nonimmigrant visitor visa in 2015—and who then never left—have actually been deported, official figures have shown. These figures do... Read more »

Muslims Pouring into America in Green Card Storm

More Muslims have been given American “green cards”—or permanent residence—in the last five years than the entire population of Washington DC, and projections are that an equal number will be given that... Read more »