Trump: “US Troops will Stay in the Middle East to Protect Israel”

American troops will stay in the Middle East indefinitely to protect Israel, despite the fact that other US concerns such as oil were no longer sufficient reason to retain a military presence... Read more »

Right Wing Jewish Lobby Puts $30M into GOP to Keep Trump on Pro-Israel Track

The right wing Jewish lobby financier Sheldon Adelson has pumped $30 million into the Republican Party’s “Congressional Leadership Fund” to help keep that party in control of the US Congress—so that President... Read more »

Syria and Gaza: Contrasting Reactions of Western States Reveals Jewish Lobby’s Control

The completely different reactions by Western governments to events in Syria and Gaza conclusively reveal the international Jewish lobby’s control: in Syria, fake reports of “chemical weapons” attacks causes US airstrikes, but... Read more »

American Soldiers ‘Will Die for Israel’ says US Army General Richard Clark

American soldiers deployed at the new US Army base in Israel will “die to defend the Jewish state,” USAF Third Air Force commander Lt.-Gen. Richard Clark has told the Jerusalem Post newspaper—a... Read more »

Trump Blames Palestinians for “No Peace”

The Trump administration has cut off $125 million in funding for the United Nations Relief and Works Agency, which provides aid to Palestinians driven out of their homes by the Israelis, accusing... Read more »